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 ❤πŸ’šA Mother

              For his son❤πŸ’š
🌈An arranged marriage with a kid involved??🌈
🌻Episode 25🌻

Carol's POV🌻

The Next Morning⛅
‘Happy birthday Mommy!!!'...Nathan cried out as i walked down the stairs..

‘How on earth did you know it's my birthday??'..I asked obviously surprised as i kissed his cheek..

‘Happy birthday Carol'...Joel muttered as he came out of the kitchen with a tower of pancakes and maple syrup with straw berries at the topπŸ₯ž and also candles...

‘Awwww you made this??'..i asked with my eyes glistening in tears..

‘Hmmmm well technically Nathan and i made this'...he replied..

‘Thanks so so much,no one has ever done this for me before'..I muttered loudly..

‘Really?? I thought this wouldn't be so special since you have a great circle of friends'..Joel remarked and my face went downcast...

‘Well I'm not one who celebrates birthdays and for the record i don't have a great circle of friends —Today makes makes it...

‘Makes it what??'..

‘Makes it three years since I lost my daughter'..I replied and quickly wiped the tear that escaped my duct...

‘I'm really sorry Carol and besides you've got Nathan here don't you??'..He said and i nodded forcing a smile across my face..

‘Yeah thank you let's get this birthday groove on shall we??'..

Joel's POV🌻

I walked into Carol's room and found a note on the bed saying;


I crumpled the paper and threw it into the bin and raked my hands through my hair not knowing what else to do...

Nathan was by the the Johnsons for his play date and Marie was out with her boyfriend therefore leaving me all alone in this house...

An instant urge to go to the beach enveloped me but i shook it immediately and went into my study to do some paperwork...

My eyes spotted the calendar which i used to mark every single day Carol spent and from the looks of it she's two and a half months here..

Just two and half months and I feel like I've known her forever...

Just two and a half months and I feel like she's mine already and feel like i have to protect her at all cost...

Just two and a half months dammit!!!..

I'm surely going to miss her when she leaves and somehow i don't want her to leave...

I just don't know if Nathan can cope once the woman who he calls his mommy eventually leaves..

How would i even cope??..

What is this feeling i get whenever she's near me??...

Why do i feel like I'm in another world whenever she smiles??...

Am i in love with Carol??..

No i can't be cause love is a foolish feeling..

I fell in love with Amanda and then she betrayed me and left me heartbroken for another man..

I can't risk falling in love again even though it's hard to concentrate with a sexy,loud mouthed,funny,beautiful and intelligent woman three feet away from me..

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