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 ❤💚A Mother

              For his son❤💚
🌈An arranged marriage with a kid involved??🌈
🌻Episode 24🌻

Carol's POV🌻

I smiled at Joel and he smiled back as we walked hand in hand towards the restaurant with Nathan by his side...

He's certainly doing something to me inside that makes me feel so gooey gooey and I kind of like it..

‘I want steak mommy'..Nathan said and at the word mommy I pressed my lips down to his brown hair with gold highlights...

Do i have a family??..

Is this what I've always wanted??..

No i shouldn't be thinking that cause in a few months Joel and i would sign divorce papers and I'll be out of his life..

‘You want steak baby?? Then it's steak you shall get cause your wish is my command'..I said imitating a British courtlady and he giggled...

Joel smiled at me and I noticed how more relaxed he looked with the crease off his forehead and the worry lines off the corner of his lips..

‘He can have steak right??'..i asked..

‘What?? Oh yeah sure you're his mom so you know what's best for him'..he replied still smiling..

There's something definitely off about him and it's really creeping me out..

What happened to the sexy,domineering,aloof and cold Joel??'...

‘Hmmm okay'..i murmured.

‘Hey dummy!!!"..i heard a little girl say to Nathan as he walked over to the aquarium..

‘Leave me alone Amy'..He replied..

‘Who is that lady over there?? Your daddy brought you a fake mommy??'..

‘Leave me alone Amy!!!'..Nathan cried out and the next thing I knew a fight broke out..

Amy's parents along with Joel and I rushed to the scene and separated the both of them...

‘You should teach your son some manners Mr Joel!!'..Amy's mother scolded and i scoffed...

‘And you should teach your daughter to keep her loud mouth shut and never call Nathan a dummy ever again!!'..

‘Uhhh I'm sorry who are you??'..She asked casting a dirty glance..

‘I am Nathan's mother and i won't stand here and watch your spoiled daughter or her spoiled parents talk down on my son!!! The next my son reports any abuse from your daughter then be sure to get that wig and fake hip enhanced shorts you're wearing !'..i screamed and dragged both Nathan and Joel outside...

‘Thank you mommy'..Nathan said hugging my legs..

He's not doing well in school but he certainly isn't a dummy...

‘jeez you literally shut the Mara's up i could just kiss you!!'..Joel exclaimed and I froze..



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