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 ❤💚A Mother

              For his son❤💚
🌈An arranged marriage with a kid involved??🌈
🌻Episode 21🌻

Joel's POV🌻

The next few days in the house was hell,Carol was doing her possible best to avoid me like a plague and Nathan's teacher called that he was doing pretty bad in school..

‘Mr Joel??'..i heard and stood up from the waiting chair..

‘Daddy??'..Nathan whimpered from beside me..

‘Just stay here champ,daddy has to speak with the adults okay??'..i replied ruffling his brown hair and went into the office..

Mrs Debby,his teacher pulled up a report as soon as i sat down and from the look on her face she wasn't too happy...

‘Look my son isn't...

‘He bit a girl today Mr Joel,he bit a girl on the neck'..she cut in and I gasped loudly..

‘Nathan would never do such a thing unprovoked ma'am so I don't understand'..I said in my son's defense..

‘Well he's been really uncontrollable lately,He's always eager to cause mayhem and doesn't take to criticism very well—Amy,the girl he bit simply told him that he was a dummy and that's why she's in the school clinic'..She implied and I scoffed loudly...

‘She called him a dummy and you expect him to keep quiet about it?? I would have dragged her by the hair if i was in his shoes'..

‘Mr Joel!!! Such act of conduct isn't welcome in Primridge school sir!! You need to teach your son how to act disciplined!!'..She screamed..

‘How I parent my son is none of you business madam!!'..I fired back..

‘It's my business when a pupil is going way out of line sir and your son is clearly doing that!!! He's grades are slipping drastically and as a child in fourth grade he should know how to read!!'..She argued still adamant on the whole issue..

‘No one calls my son a dummy and goes scot free!! You should teach your students to be sensitive of their words!!!'..

‘You are a single father Mr Joel so you wouldn't understand what I'm talking about!! Raising a child requires two people!!'..She yelled..

‘Well my mother died when i was young so what makes you think he didn't raise me well??'..i asked obviously angry..

‘Well let me check my bad Father's list??..He raised a man who is as cold as ice and doesn't listen to what other people have to say!!! If you don't discipline your son in the necessary way then I'm sorry but you would leave us no choice than to let him go'..She replied..

‘Well fine then!!! I'm taking my son out of this damn school!! The Romero family has done enough for this school!! More than you could ever imagine and if my son isn't welcome here then my bloody money which i invest into it isn't welcome either!!! Goodbye madam and just so you know.....Nathan has a mother'..I yelled laying emphasis on the last word and walked away slamming the door on her face...

Nathan scrambled to his feet immediately and I smiled as I crouched to his level...

‘Are they going to send me away??'..He asked with tears glistening his eyes...

‘No champ,I'm the one taking you away,would you like a new school'..i replied and he shook his head....

‘I don't want a new school!! Amy called me a dummy and she said i don't have a mommy that's why I bit her,please don't let them send me away daddy'..he whimpered and I hugged him tightly...

Now my son needs Carol more than ever..

But I pushed her away and now it's time to make things right...

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