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Damon's POV ♠

I heard Celine yell the word ‘Half-Demon and I frowned deeply..

Why on earth would she touch the eye of Anubis??..

Those cockroaches are very deadly especially in my control...

‘ҽɭpaىaɖa'..I muttered under my breath and her scream deluded.She ran upstairs and in a second I heard her door slam shut..

‘Stupid place! Stupid demon! I just want to go home!!'..She cried out..

I'm sorry but I can't let her go home —Not today and not now cause without her body and lips to keep me warm I'm afraid I might die soon..

I hate being a demon in as much as i hate to deny it,I hate being a demon cause there are things I don't want to see,there are thoughts i never wanted to hear and there were people I never wanted to kill...

My mother was the queen of the Zorons who are also called Good demons.They are like humans but with extra ordinary powers..

She was a queen that was banished because of a scandalous accusation and my father was a simple waiter who saved her from falling into a lagoon and so they fell in love..

And as a result of that love i was created —A half demon and half human...

I was never normal in school..

My eyes changed whenever my emotions or mood did..

I never had any friends cause everyone thought I was creepy and dangerous..

Now I'm an adult and on the brink of freezing to death..

Demons(Zorons) are cold blooded creatures who need heat every second but since I'm only half demon I need the warmth of another human,a normal female woman...

Mom warned me but i was so nonchalant about the whole thing and now I'm almost at the brink of being a Frezor(A frozen demon who dies from the lack of warmth)...

This is why i need Celine...

She's mine and will be mine alone..

Stephan's POV♠

‘You all can't tell me that!! You can't tell me you can't find my Celine!! She may be in danger for all i know and now she might be tortured!!'..i cried out..

‘We are on it Mr,we are doing the best we can to find her but you should just accept the fact that she might be dead'..The officer replied and i scoffed..

‘You all are useless!! A lady has been missing for just a week and you all are telling me she may be dead?? What kind of people are you?!'..i cried out and left angrily...

Ever since Celine had left things have been going from bad to worse..

There's no one to kiss me awake..

No one to take showers with me..

No one to say how much they love me..

No one to seduce me by coming out of the bathroom naked...

No one to plait my long hair into braids..

I just miss her so much and it's just been f**king 5days!!..

Celine's POV♠

‘Celine'..someone murmured and I opened my eyes only to be startled by the same masked face..

‘Jeez!! You scared me but why do I care?? You are scary'..I retorted loudly and tucked my hair behind my ear..

‘I need you Celine'..he muttered again and before I could say anything else his arms circled around my waist and his lips enveloped mine..

I tried fighting but instead my body melted against his and my mouth parted ways to welcome him..

As soon as he broke away from the kiss I felt drained and so weak that I fell on the bed..

‘What are you doing?? What's happening to me??'..I asked trying to gasp for air..

‘Shhhh you are weak,just go to sleep'..he whispered and in a second my eyes closed...

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