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🔥(His perfect antidote)🔥


Damon held onto Celine like his life depended on it and kissed her so hard but at the same time gentle..

The dark veins that spread across his neck slowly changed into a white stream and then disappeared as he broke the passionate kiss...


Damon's POV♠

Just as i withdrew from Celine's lips the quiver I felt inside me slowly disappeared and was replaced with a calmness which I knew for sure isn't going to last..

I've never felt so warm in a long time..

Now I don't need to slit my hands and take out the bad blood anymore..

I have my perfect antidote..

‘Wh..what was that for?!!'..Celine screamed as I made her eyes open when I was fully in my mask..

‘It was something I needed let's just take it that way,you need a shower so go take once'..I replied and walked away before she could question me further...

I got what I want but I don't get the strange feeling i got when kissing her...

What is going on??..

Celine's POV♠

My mouth was wide agape as Damon walked away shutting the door behind him..

What the hell just happened and did he just kiss me??..

More or so why did I enjoy it?!..

Stephan and i kiss and have s*x a lot but there was something different about this one..

It was so filling and passionate that even when my mind wanted to resist it I couldn't..

Ten minutes later♠
I finished taking my bath and went downstairs to make lunch for the guys but to my own surprise the house was unusually empty..

My fingers traced the kitchen counter and when I raised it up there was a trickle of dust in my hands...

I picked a napkin and began cleaning the whole place since there was nothing else to do cause if there's one thing I learnt in culinary school is to never cook on a dirty surface...

It's even funny how the so called half-demon can't clean his own house..

‘How I clean my house is none of your business'..I heard and jerked seeing him behind my back..

‘How did you...

‘Yeah i can hear thoughts pertaining to me'..he cut in and went upstairs again..

He just heard my thoughts?!!..

Oh my God if I want to survive in this hell hole I better be very careful with my choice of words especially when he's around..

I went to the kitchen cabinet and started bringing out ingredients to make Lasagna for the men when they come back from where ever they went..

I brought out the cheese and when I went down to the pot and pan cabinet I saw something like an eye...

An Anubis eye in fact and when I touched it cockroaches flew out from far and near..

‘Ahh!!! Help me help me!!! Jesus Christ I know I'm but please ahhh!!!'..I screamed at the top of my voice trying to swat the flying cockroaches away..

‘Half Demon!!!'...i yelled..


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