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🔥(His perfect antidote)🔥


A Week Later Celine was seen on her bed reading a book Romeo gave her from the library she was forbidden to enter..

There was no way she could escape the ongoing madness but what could she do??...

The least she could do was to just live in the moment and pray for a miracle to happen..


Celine's POV♠

‘Interesting'..i murmured as i flipped the page of the book I was reading about the wonders of Egypt..

I was so engrossed and captivated by the book that i didn't notice someone walking into the room...

‘Hey'..i heard and when I looked up it was a masked person wearing a very fashionable designer suit...

‘Who the?— wait you're that Damon guy!'..I exclaimed as I stood on the bed and used a pillow to cover myself cause i was scared..

‘Hmm I would pretty much enjoy not being called the ‘Damon guy''..he replied in his deep baritone voice that sends chills down my spine..

What's it with this guy that makes me so jumpy??..

I've not seen him before but yet I kinda feel a connection.

‘What do you want from me I want to know why I'm kept here??'..I asked clearly evading the scary mask on his face...

‘What I want from you is simple Celine,you have a great aura and you're warmblooded too,perfect for me'..He said and I frowned deeply..

‘This isn't the new testament please just say what you want from me and then I'll go!! I have a boyfriend you know and he's scared and worried about me right now!! He really needs me and I love him so please don't keep me here!!'..I begged going down on my knees...

‘You are mine!!! You are mine and mine alone!!!'..He screamed and then all of a sudden the walls and ground started shaking vigorously...

‘Wh..wh..what's happening??'..I asked obviously terrified and he sighed...

‘Sorry I didn't mean to shout at you like that'..he replied and then as he calmed down everything returned back to normal...

What the f**k just happened?!..

It's like everything is on mind control or something..

‘I..I'll ask..I'll ask again Damon..Sir..wh..what do you want from me and what do you mean by perfect antidote according to what you refer me as..p..please I just want to know!'..I stuttered with my hands clasped against each other...

‘Well where should I start from?? I'm not human Celine'..he said..

‘Wh..what do you mean??'..I asked...

‘Well I'm half human Celine,I'm half-human half-Demon that's all you need to know and I'm sick that's why I need you'..he replied and I scoffed..

‘Is this a prank of some sort?!! You're half-human-half-demon?! Do I look stupid?! Demons aren't real and-

‘Is that what you think?? That demons aren't real?? Well think again'..He muttered and then all of a sudden he disappeared..

‘Look here'..he said and when I turned around I yelped seeing him behind me..

Okay that's not normal one bit...

‘Now do you believe I'm not normal??'..

‘Yes I believe you're not normal but what do you want from me??'..I asked obviously intrigued and terrified about what was happening..

I thought things such as demons were just figments of our imaginations and now I'm married to a half demon..

‘I'm sick Celine and i need your warmth'..he muttered with his mask still on..

‘My mask?? What do you mean??'..i asked and the next thing i knew my eyes forcefully closed and his mouth covered mine immediately..

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