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🔥(His perfect antidote)🔥


Damon's POV 🖤

‘She's still getting used to this whole thing boss I suggest we let her do what she wants'..Romeo advised trying to calm me down as my eyes turned red..

Yes Red..

When I'm angry it's red and when I'm happy it's yellow..

‘Ughh fine then I just can't wait Romeo,I feel like this is getting the best of me'..I groaned loudly seeing the blood in my hands turn blacker by the minute...

‘Patience boss, after one more week she's yours and she would cure you of your pandemic'..

‘Fine then'..I muttered and wore on a mask to prevent my face from being seen..

Even though I won't be able to get out of the room I can't take any chances...

Celine really looks like trouble to me...


Angry, Frustrated and tired Stephan staggered up of the stairs of the house he and Celine shared...

He has placed a report on her and went to every possible place he could think of to search for her but all to no avail..

She couldn't have left him has she??..

No there was no possible way she could have left him..

She was his better half,his companion,his sister,his friend,his lover—His everything..

They were planning on spending the rest of their lives together..

They were planning on having babies together..

He was planning to pop the question on her birthday which was a week away and now she's gone..

She's gone and lost...

And he can't find her...

Celine's POV🖤

I stared at the stairs continuously thinking that Damon or Damien or whatever his name was would come down but no—Instead more men came and when they sighted the delicious chicken stew she prepared they smiled no matter how ugly they were...

Some of them even ate like they hadn't eaten a good meal in years and the others saved theirs for later with their eyes thanking me...

Thank God mom made sure I learnt how to cook and developed a passion for it which made me go to Culinary school and there I met the love of my life Stephan...

That's right Stephan!!..

Oh my God I can't believe I forgot about him!!..

Oh my God he must be so worried and hurt and he would hye thinking I had left him..

‘Uhhh your boss home?? I really have to speak to him??'..I asked and instantly they all stopped eating raising their heads to look at me..

‘You can't see him now lady Elena,the time isn't right'..The fattest one whose name happens to be Marcus replied..

‘Ohhh bummer'..I murmured trying to fight back the tears away from my eyes...

I'm not really leaving this place am I??..

I don't even know where I'm at??..

Who I married??..

And what he wants from me??..

And why he doesn't want to show his face to me..

I mean even Shrek showed his face to Fiona the princess and they loved each other more??..

‘Uhmmm M..Marcus do you know what he means by I'm his perfect antidote?? I'll give you extra of the next dish I make'..I whispered knowing full well that when I get the information I need then it's bye bye to crazy town...

‘Uhmmm in as much as I love your cooking Lady Elena I'm sorry but I can't tell or say anything!! I survived the dark room once but I won't the next time'..he said and I gulped hard.

That says it then..

I'm never getting out of here..




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