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🔥(His perfect antidote)🔥


Damon watched in awe of Celine's innocent beauty..

She wasn't wearing make up but in the white gown she looked so pure and untouched..

Well she wasn't a virgin for sure,he thought as the priest began the ceremony..

She wasn't to see his face that was why there was something separating the both of them..

She couldn't see him but he could see her..

His tiger eyes just hungry at the sight of her but yet he had his own fears..

Would she be willing to his command??.

Even if she wasn't he would make her...

She was only his and his alone..


Celine's POV🖤

‘I now pronounce you husband and wife'..The priest said in a second and I scoffed loudly..

‘You now pronounce who and who?? What is even happening?!! It's like I'm in another world or something!!! I don't even know who I'm getting married to or who this Damon guy is—Dude are you scared of facing me? Are you a monster perhaps!!'..I screamed at the wood that was separating whoever was behind it and me..

‘There are a lot of questions to answer my dear Celine but you're not ready yet—Boys take her back to her room and make sure she's very taken care of'..He replied in his familiar sexy and deep baritone voice...

Someway or somehow my body reacted to his voice in an uncanny manner..

‘Follow me my lady'..The one called Romero said as he escorted me back into the room...

‘You do know I'm going to try and escape right??'..I muttered as he uncuffed my hands from the chains...

‘Well sorry to say but you can't escape until Lord Damon releases you my lady—You are trapped here and it's a good thing you are cause he really needs you'..He replied smiling and as the chains fell to the floor my wrists hurt.

‘He needs me?? What for?'..I asked unashamedly curious..

‘Hmmm soon enough you shall know my lady for you are his perfect antidote.I suggest you change into whatever suits you and come down for dinner with me and the other guys'..he said pointing to a door and left..

Perfect antidote??.

Blah blah blah...

I walked over to the door he pointed at and when I opened the door I gasped loudly..


There were enough clothes to last me a life time in the house and more to last my entire generations...

Gucci's,Dolce & Gabbana's,Adam Levi,Channel,Tommy Hilfiger,Prada and Givenchy I could mention on and on..

My hands rummaged through the clothes but since I wasn't going anywhere I just settled for a simple top and denim jeans..

The least I could do here is have a normal meal and then plan my route to escape..

There's no way I'm staying in this damned place..


The dining table was crowded with men who were obviously arguing about football and when I came down they all stopped and stood up to acknowledge my presence...

‘Good evening my lady!!'..They all chorused and I felt a lump in my throat ..

‘Uhhh I'd not have you call me that—Just address me as Celine uhh have you guys eaten yet??'..I asked..

Some how I felt compelled to be nice to these men even though they are my enemies..

‘No ma'am'..they all chorused in reply and I smirked..

‘Okay then who would like to help me in the kitchen?'..I asked and they all stared at each other in wonder as if I had asked an abominable question...

Damon's POV🖤

‘So how is she faring??'..I asked Romeo who was on his knees..

‘She's doing okay my Lord..eeree..sorry boss'..he stuttered in reply .

‘Good and—

My voice trailed off as I heard sounds of clattering pans and pots..

‘What's that noise??'..I asked irritably..

‘It's Lady Elena boss,she's teaching your men how to cook'..




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