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Stephan's POV

‘What do you mean she isn't here Marie?!! She didn't come home last night!!'...I said aloud as Marie said Celine wasn't there...

‘Sorry but I'm not lying,I left before her for my date and the other waitresses also said that she left early last night maybe she's in a hotel or something i don't know'..She replied and i nodded leaving the restaurant..

There's no way Celine wouldn't tell me that she's in a hotel,she literally tells me everything like where she's going,what she's eating,when it's her period and everything so why wouldn't she tell me if she's in a hotel..

There's something fishy about this whole thing and i think I'm going to call the cops...

Celine's POV

‘What do you mean by wedding?!! Where am I?! Who are you and who the f**k is your boss?! Why can't you just let me go please I'm just a normal waitress please just let me go..l..look...look just one phone call please i need to call Stephan my boyfriend!!'..i begged with tears streaming down my eyes..

‘Madam Pat!!'..He responded and a woman with a mop of carrot colored hair walked in looking terrified..

‘Get her ready for Damon and bring her downstairs and make sure she's cuffed on the legs and arms so she won't escape'..He ordered and left..

The woman turned to look at me and smiled..

‘Everything is going to be okay my darling,we're just going to do this the easy way or the hard Way??'...


I gulped really hard as Madam Pat dragged me down the stairs with a chain attached to my ankle and wrists to prevent me from running away...

A group of men in black and a priest were at the beautiful lounge and when I realized what was going to happen I struggled to free myself..

‘Let me go!! Let me go!!'..i cried out but the more i tried the more the chains..

Oh God!!..

I'm really getting married to someone i don't even know and i haven't even seen..

Who the hell is this Damon guy?!!..




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