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Celine's POV🖤

I sighed deeply as I dipped the pregnancy kit into my urine and waited for the result..

I can't be pregnant I...

Oh my God I totally forgot about the night I spent with Damon!!!...

We didn't use protection so there's a possibility that I'm pregnant..

‘Please don't go red,please don't go red'...I muttered under my breath and the next thing I knew the Red dot appeared...

So its official then!!..

I'm pregnant for a demon...

Damon's POV🖤

‘Hey mother'..I murmured as I walked into the house...

‘Ohhh look at what Lucifer dragged in,I've missed you baby'..Mom replied and kissed my cheeks...

‘You're doing well I presume??'..i asked and she threw me a whimsical look...

‘So who's she??'..She asked..

‘I don't understand what are you talking about??'..I replied rhetorically...

‘The girl you're in love with,who's she??'..She asked again and I chuckled softly..

‘I am not in love with anybody Mom'..

‘You're in love with a woman Damon and I felt it the moment you walked through that door'..She muttered..

‘Okay fine you got me I'm in love with a girl but it's of no use anyway cause she loves someone else'...I said as my eyes fell downcast...

My mom being a full fledged Zoron ex queen has the power to see and feel emotions far and wide most especially when two people are connected..

‘Are you sure about that?? cause I feel like someone's pregnant'.she said..


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