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A Month later
Ignoring the blasts of the other annoyed drivers Celine carried her boxes of fresh wallpapers and new stuffs for her new apartment in Oklahoma...

It's been a month since she left Stephan who hard a hard time dealing with being dumped..

As for Damon??..

Well she didn't hear from him ever since then and even though she's given up on the both of them she still waits by the phone for his phone call...

‘Hello Andrew!!'..She called out to her fellow bachelor neighbor..

‘Hey Celine you look kind of pale today'...Her 34 year old neighbor replied and she smiled..

‘Well I'm really tired today,I don't know why but I think I'm gonna rest for a little while'..She replied as she opened her door...

Even though she's just recently met Andrew He's become one of her most helpful persons in the district..


Celine's POV🖤

Andrew is kind of right...

I've been looking so pale for the past few days and unusually tired..

‘Hey Mrs Coco'...i said to the oldest woman in the block,54 years actually and she still looks fresh and beautiful...

‘Hey Celine c..can I ask you a question??'..She replied and stopped dead in my tracks..

‘Yes what is it??'..i asked.

‘Are you pregnant??'..she asked and I scoffed loudly...

‘Pregnant?? Me? Pregnant?? No way Mrs Coco!!'..i exclaimed..

‘I can see it all right Celine,you're getting a little flesh in your skinny bones and your breast's are surely getting bigger,you look pale too'..She said and i scoffed again...

‘I'm not pregnant Mrs  Coco!;'..

‘Fine then if you say so'..she withdrew and I rushed out briskly..

I need to go get myself a kit...



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