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🔥(His perfect antidote)🔥


Damon's POV🖤

I got into the car ready to leave for Celine's place since I couldn't bear it anymore and just as the engine started;

‘Stop'..I said..

‘Boss??'..The driver asked..

‘Just stop the car'..I replied and got out of it immediately..

Who the hell am I kidding??..

She doesn't love me she loves her boyfriend Stephan and I'm pretty sure right now that they're so happy seeing each other...

A half demon like me is always unlucky in love and I think I'm just gonna stay that way....

‘Damon?? I sense some kind of sad energy around you'...Nadine said as she walked up to me and surprisingly seeing her annoying face kind of made me happy in an uncanny way...

‘Yeah Celine just left'..I replied pursing my lips..

‘Isn't she your wife??'..She asked and i arched  brow...

‘She's my wife and now she's gone Nadine you know it wasn't a real marriage,you sensed it right from the start so dump the charade'..i said..

‘Yeah you got me,I knew all about it all along maybe that's why I got so jealous and wanted to get to you at all cost but you are so deep in love with her,its pretty obvious no offence cause I've never seen a Zoron look at a woman the way you look at her'..She said and I smiled..

‘Thank you Nadine but uhmm Celine and I weren't meant to be at all,she's with the man she loves now and I hope she's happy'...

Celine's POV🖤

He's with the woman he loves and I hope he's happy...

No matter how hard I try forgetting him he just creeps back into my head..

‘Are you sure you want to do this Celine?? Baby you've been back for only a couple of hours and now you want to leave me?? This isn't fair yunno'..Stephan said from behind me as I packed the last of my things inside my bag...

‘Look Stephan you've been a wonderful boyfriend and a great person but to be honest you deserve someone more who loves you for you'..I replied..

‘Where did all this pep talk come from Celine?? Are you saying you never loved me??'..He asked and I blinked back the tears welling up in my eyes...

‘I thought i loved you Stephan I really loved you then or at least I thought I did,these past few months made me realize...

‘Yeah that you've fallen for someone else I got it!! I get all drunk and on the brink to killing myself all because you were missing and now you're back saying this bull crap?!!!' ..



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