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Stephan's POV🖤

I yawned loudly as I walked outside the house with trash bags only for me to see the most shocking sight of all...

There Celine stood looking like an angel with her bags on the ground...

What the hell?!!..

‘Oh my God Celine!!'..I yelled and ran towards her..

I just can't believe it??

The woman I've been searching for all this while is right here in front of me...

‘I missed you so so much!!!'...I cried out kissing her neck and she smiled softly..

‘I'm tired Stephan'..She said..

‘Yeah I know you are tired but there are so many questions i want to ask and i can't wait for you to answer them'..i replied helping her with her bags inside the house...

Like this is all so fascinating to believe...

My Celine is finally back!!..

Celine's POV🖤

I gulped hard as I glanced around the apartment seeing how small it's become in my eyes...

The small inch TV,the little kitchen,the little flower table..

Everything was just so small in my eyes and even Stephan looked leaner and unkempt with his shaggy beard..

‘You've really gotta be kidding me Stephan why is the room so unkempt and why are my clothes all over the place?!'..i yelled as my nose twitched at the smell of rotten tacos...

‘Babe you just came back after months and the first thing you're thinking of is the house??'..He replied and i sighed deeply..

‘I'm sorry I'm just tired of everything'..

‘Tired of what?! Celine where have you been for the past few days??'..He asked again..

‘Look Stephan I need to rest and I need to make a phone call.I was kidnapped okay and I'm fine now so please just let me sleep!!"..

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