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🔥(His perfect antidote)🔥

Celine's POV🖤

I yawned loudly as I opened my eyes and turned around only to see Damon sound asleep...

I smiled as my hand hovered over his bare clean shaven chest and just then his eyes opened..

‘Morning'..I murmured and he smirked..

‘Morning'..He murmured and covered his lips with mine again kissing me softly...

My hands raked over his head and he delved deeper grabbing my waist...

‘I want you again half demon'..I whispered into his ears and he yanked the blankets away making me chuckle loudly..

Ten minutes later🖤
I hummed loudly wearing Damon's white football T-shirt as I flipped the bacon on the frying pan...

‘Smells good'..Damon muttered from behind me and i smiled at him but surprisingly it wasn't mutual...

‘Are you okay??'..He asked and I nodded..

‘Yeah why are you asking??'..

‘Nothing just that we didn't use uhmmm'..his voice trailed off and it hit me...

‘Ohh yeah you're right but it still doesn't mean anything'..I replied and he nodded walking away awkwardly..

I mean it's just s*x without protection??..

‘Are you hungry??'..i asked him..

‘Yeah kinda'..He murmured and when I couldn't take it anymore I snapped...

‘Damon what's really wrong?! You don't have to worry!! I'm not gonna get pregnant it's just s*x nothing else!!!'...

‘Hmmm okay'..he murmured again and I sighed deeply..

‘Damon really?? Don't do this to me what's wrong with you??'..

‘Celine you don't understand do you??'..He asked and I raised my hands up in mock surrender...

‘I really don't understand and I would appreciate it if you explain it to me??'..

‘I finally slept with you Celine and I think..I think I'm okay which means that...

‘I can leave'..

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