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🔥(His perfect antidote)🔥


Damon's POV♠

‘Your wish is my command boss'..Romeo muttered as he bowed in front of me..

‘Good,make sure you get the most beautiful gown and find a priest who can handle the wedding in short notice'..i muttered again and he nodded and left..

I glanced over at the room where the waitress Celine was kept in and when i heard her sobs i sighed deeply...

I know she's pretty much rattled about what's going on but when the time is right I'll explain why I need her to be here as my wife and as my only woman..

I went into my room and sat at the edge of the bed pressed the hidden button and the bed turned around exposing my weapons vault...

‘єʟţısımo'..i muttered and the vault opened.I took out my little dagger and tore the middle of my palm which made the bad black blood in my body run out..

It's just a matter of time before I'll be okay..

It's just a matter of time I'd be saved cause now I have the perfect antidote..

Celine Romero...

Stephan's POV♠

‘Baby is that you??'..I called as i heard a knock on the door..

I went towards it and when i realized who it was from the door hole i sighed deeply..

It's just the pizza delivery guy..

‘That'll be 5 bucks please'..he said..

‘Here you go,keep the change'..i replied sullenly and took the box from his hands...

Where on earth could Celine be??..

It's already 12am in the morning and her shift ends at 9pm so why isn't she home yet??...

She's already promised me dinner and s*x and now she isn't back home yet..

Oh God i hope nothing has happened to her...

Celine's POV♠

The Next Morning⛅
I yawned loudly and opened my eyes thinking i would find myself in Stephan's arms in my cream colored room and my vase filled with fresh flowers but no..

Instead i saw the exquisite and yet unusual paintings and a very big window which had its curtains opened.The sunlight made the room a little less scary and when i tried to move i couldn't...

Ohh still stuck...

‘Good morning Lady Celine'..The guy who kidnapped me muttered as he walked into the room.I gasped loudly seeing how ugly he looked and almost puked seeing the bright red scar on his neck..

He certainly doesn't look human..

He looks like he's been poured tetraoxosulphate(vi) or something..

‘Your wedding is in 10 minutes'..he said..

‘My what?!!'..

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