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🔥(His perfect antidote)🔥

Damon's POV🖤

The next morning⛅

I went out of the house ignoring both Nadine who was standing right at my door and Celine who was by the kitchen counter..

‘Damon you've not been yourself these past few days are you okay??'..She asked and I nodded..

‘I'm fine Nadine please leave me alone I beg of you.You should go back to Zoron I don't care about you and I'm not going to date you for anything okay?? Please stay out of my way!!'..I yelled..

‘Wh..what?! Damon you and I know I'm the perfect woman for you and not that Celine girl who just wants your money!!'..She fired back and I scoffed..

‘If she wants my money then I'll freely give it to her!! I told you before that I'm a married man the best you should do is to go back to Zoron and find yourself a normal mate!! Thank you and if you'd excuse me I'd love to finish my morning jog!!'..I screamed and super sped down the road..

’Cold bastard'..I heard her mutter from behind me and smirked lightly..

Glad that's over...


Celine sniffed a bit as she opened her eyes and immediately went towards Damon's room..

A wave of frustration wept through her as she discovered his bed empty and already made up and before she could leave Damon came out of the bathroom all wet with his black hair all slicked back and with a towel wrapped around his lean waist..

Her gaze lingered on the ripple of water going down his Adam apple..

‘What are you doing here??'..Damon asked scornfully interluding her from her thoughts...


Celine's POV🖤

‘What are you doing here??'..Damon repeated and I gulped hard...

‘I..I uhmm I just want to...

‘Say how much you hate me?? Well not to bother anymore Celine I already told you that once I'm okay you'll go back home'..He snapped..

‘No that's not what I..I..

‘Can't you just finish a sentence?!!'..He yelled and I screamed...

‘I can't concentrate with you looking so sexy like that??? You're always looking to freakishly demeaning and it scares the hell out of me!!!'..

‘I scare the hell outta you??This scares the hell outta you?! For crying out loud Celine I've done my best to be nice to you and all you ever do is say how scary I am?! You're the most confused person I've ever met once you want me and the next minute I scare you!!'..He said aloud and I sighed deeply..

‘I..I..I want you Damon..I want you to touch me please I really want you'..I said and then his eyes grew darker..

‘Are you sure Celine??'..



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