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🔥(His perfect antidote)🔥


Damon's POV🖤

I watched as Celine chopped vegetables on the kitchen counter not even caring about anything else...

I know I'm just keeping her for my treatment but there's something so unspoiled about her that I really like bit can't put my finger on it...

‘Where did you learn how to cook??'..I asked..

‘Hmmm well I went to Culinary school'..she replied and I arched a brow..

‘Culinary school?? Then how did you end up as a waitress??'..I asked again and she sighed deeply..

‘Well no one is going to take a young chef like me apparently I don't have my certificate to cater which takes another three years to get'..She replied again but this time with a frustrated tone...

‘Well you're the best cook I've ever met anyway'..I shrugged..

‘Hmmm and you're one of the most nicest coldest men I've ever met and I...


‘I want to go home Damon I'm tired of staying here with you'..She said and I walked away angrily..

There is no way I'm letting her go...

Celine's POV🖤

Two Days Later 🖤
‘Hi it's me again uhmm is Damon around??'..Nadine asked for the third time today and I sighed deeply...

‘No Damon isn't home and why are you always bothering him anyway?? He needs space you know'..I said feeling overprotective all of a sudden...

‘Ohhh really?? Well tell him I made reservations for the both of us at Spago and that he's going to drop me off there'...She replied and walked off..

Wait Spago??..

That's like the most popular restaurant in Las Vegas where actors,actresses and supermodels dine and wine...

I can't believe Damon is taking Nadine to Spago and why do I feel so jealous about it??...

‘Damon Nadine was here'..I said aloud as I walked into the study..

‘She was?? Why didn't you let her in??'..He asked writing something on his iPad..

‘Hmmm I don't know'..I retorted and he shot a look at me...

‘Wait?! Celine are you jealous??'..He asked with a smile on his face...

‘I'm not jealous thank you!!! I just can't believe you're taking Nadine to Spago'...I murmured and the smile on his face reduced to a frown...

‘Spago?? I would never take Nadine to dinner I don't even like her'..

‘Really??'..I asked .

‘Yeah besides who would go out with Nadine when you're here??'..He replied and I pursed my lips..

‘So you mean that...'...My voice trailed off as he lowered his lips down to mine and kissed me softly...

‘You're my perfect antidote Celine and you're also the most naturally beautiful woman I've ever met'..



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