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🔥(his perfect antidote)🔥

🔥 EPISODE 26🔥 

Celine's POV 🖤

Stephan's POV🖤

At the Station🖤
‘You've gotta accept the fact Mr,your girlfriend has ditched you'..The police officer who was tired of seeing me almost everyday drunk in the Station muttered as I walked over to his counter but this time I'm not drunk...

‘Look I'm not drunk officer Hubert I just came in with some very good information'..I replied and he scoffed..

‘Okay I'm listening like I haven't heard that before'..

‘Thanks well there's a man who came to my house with some men.Heavily built men in fact and he warned me to stay off Celine.I was drunk then so I thought it was one of Celine's friend's ploy to make me forget her but it wasn't...This man knows where my Celine is and I would love it if you searched his house'..I said ignoring the arc on his brow..

‘Ohh and who could that man be??'..He asked and I withdrew a magazine from my breast pocket..

‘This is him sir'..I said and when he saw the picture he guffawed loudly...

‘Damon Martinez?? The Damon Martinez?? The Damon Martinez of Zoron club?? Oh you must be out of your mind!!!'..He said loudly..

‘I'm serious sir and I don't know this Damon Martinez you're talking about'..I said with my voice icily...

‘Are you living in another world?? How can you tell me you don't know Damon Martinez the billionaire owner of Zoron club seriously?? You've gotta be kidding me to be honest cause Damon Martinez dates Models and from the picture you gave me of your beloved Celine she doesn't look anything like a model even though she's got exceptional looks'..He explained..

‘Really..really?? Maybe I..I..maybe it was the booze again sorry sir'..I murmured with a disappointed look on my face and left the station hearing the loud roars of laughter from behind...

Damon Martinez??..

He looks like a big man no doubt but something tells me he has something to do with my Celine..

I've got to investigate further...

Damon's POV🖤

‘I'm not hungry'..I said as Celine dropped a bowl of spaghetti and hot sauce on my study table..

‘Come on Damon Romeo says it's your favorite food and in your condition you really need to it'..She said and I rolled my eyes the other way..

‘Since when did you start caring about my health or about me?'..I asked with a sharp tone that she retreated.

The urge to grab hold of her and tell her I'm sorry for my outburst was so strong that I had to hold my desk to prevent myself from doing so..

‘Celine I'll eat it'...I said and she turned smiling...

‘Ohh thanks then look Damon I'm really sorry for what I did the other night i..I didn't know what came over me but I can think we could put this behind us..Truce??'..She said and I smiled softly..





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