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🔥(His perfect antidote)🔥


Damon's POV🔥

I know I'm playing with fire the moment I super heard Celine's scoff from the kitchen...

Backstabbing bastard!!!...

Her mind fully read and I smiled as I poured Nadine a cup of coffee...

‘She's not particularly pretty for a Zoron'..Nadine muttered indignantly and my brows shot up...

‘She's a human'..I said..


‘Yeah so what are you really doing here Nadine?? The last time I checked you were pretty happy with Fred'..I asked and she nipped at her bottom lip..

‘Fred and I didn't have any connection,he wasn't my soulmate if you put it that way and I'm pretty sure he's happy now'.. She said..

‘Really?? The both of you really looked like you were in love'..I muttered again.

‘Love?? Zorons don't love Damon and you know that very well have you gone soft?? Well you're a half Zoron so I guess so'..She taunted..

‘I am not in love with anyone Nadine and oh—Zorons do love how do you think my Dad met my mom??'..I fired at her and she snickered a bit...

‘I guess you're kinda right but my eyes was always on you Damon,you know I pretty much love you'..She said and my brows shot up again...

I knew it...

I sensed some affectionate power when she jogged near me..

‘I am a married man Nadine'..

Celine's POV🖤

Of all the nerves?!!..

Who does this b*tch think she is telling Damon that she loves him?!!..

And why is it a bother to me anyway ?!!..

Why do I feel the urge to rip her hair?!!...

I sighed deeply and knocked on the door to the study with a cup of tea in my hands..

‘Who is it??'..I heard Damon's gruff voice ask..

‘It's me Celine i brought soup for you and your guest'..I replied with a smirk on my face and opened the door..

‘Really it isn't necessary for you to do that'..Nadine said with a wicked grin.


‘Oh of course I insist'..I replied with a smile on my face and dropped the bowl of hot chilli soup on her laps.

‘Ahhh hot!!.hot!! It's hot!!'..she cried out .

‘Oh my God I'm so sorry!!'..I yelled with a fake look on my face...

‘Wait'..she murmured and her hands turned blue when she rested it on her laps..

She heaved a sigh of relief..

‘Sorry but i..I've got to leave'...She muttered and stood up leaving ..

‘Why do I feel like you did that on purpose??'..Damon asked..

‘No I didn't'..I replied but the look on my face said otherwise..

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