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🔥(His perfect antidote)🔥


Celine's POV🖤

I checked the time and heaved a short sigh seeing that it was already 12am...

I tried walking downstairs but suddenly the lights turned off and I tripped on a stair...

‘Owwwww!!!'...i cried out softly and limped to the light switch...

I turned it on and stared down at my leg only to see my ankle already shifted a bit..

I bit my lower lip fighting the urge to cry and slowly walked towards the TV..

The least i could do is to watch TV and forget about my pain..

I turned on the TV and searched through SHOEMAX only for me to see the POWER series....

I turned off the lights with the remote and immediately it turned back on...

I jolted and turned around only to see Damon without his shirt on..

‘I'm just here for a glass of water'...He said..

‘Ohhh'...I replied and he turned around to the kitchen..

I gulped hard seeing his broad shoulders and the numerous tattoos on his back...

There was a huge tattoo of a black falcon and it sent shivers down my spine...

With a body like that a woman could melt and I'm melting..

‘Are you okay??'..He asked...

‘Yeah..yeah i am what makes think I'm not okay??'..I stuttered in reply..

Of course I'm not okay?!!..

Not with that kind of body...

Stephan has a lanky stature which always seduces me into having s*x with him but as for Damon??..

He was all muscles and biceps..

The tattoos added to his perfectly tanned skin and I just couldn't resist it..

‘You sure look like you've seen a ghost'..He muttered and walked over to me...

‘I'm okay to be honest'..I lied and as i stood up to move i cried out in pain and he arched his brows...

‘I knew i sensed pain'..he muttered and sat next to me...

He placed my legs softly on his thighs and covered it with his hands..

Suddenly the pain just vanished and I gasped loudly..

‘What the hell did you just do??'..i asked overly amazed..

‘I took your pain away' he replied and i smiled..

‘You really can feel pain huh??'..

‘Yeah and a lot of other things too'..

‘That means you can feel me wanting you??'..




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