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🔥(His perfect antidote)🔥


Damon's POV🔥

I groaned loudly as I threw the glass against the wall feeling super angry...

What does she see in that Stephan guy??..

Now i know why she almost killed me last night when blood gushed out of my ears...

She was thinking about that Stephan guy and I couldn't be cured last night...

‘Celine open the door'..I muttered..

‘Leave me alone'..she whimpered and i sighed deeply..

‘Celine please open the door i just want to talk to you'..

‘Yeah you've talked alright you've made your point that you're not gonna talk to me unless you need me.You've made your point and I won't ever disturb you ever!!'..She cried out and I smiled softly..

‘ɛʟɖօօʀtօ'..i murmured lightly and the door opened at my command...

‘What the....please leave my room Damon'..She said aloud and I smirked lightly...

‘I'm sorry I lashed at you Celine,to be honest I didn't know what came over me'..

‘I don't want your apology Damon I'm okay'..she replied with a frown on her face and I smiled again...

‘Celine you're beautiful'..

‘Leave me alone Damon'..


‘What Damon??'..

‘Forgive me??'..



‘Ughh for a cold person you sure are persuasive'..She finally said and my face broke into a smug smile...

‘Good now that that's behind us you could go watch TV I'll be in my room'..I said coldly and walked away...

There is no way I would ever let her escape..

I'll do everything within my power to make her forget that Stephan of a person..

I mean what does she even see in him??..

He's a drunk for crying out loud?!...

Stephan's POV🔥

I burped loudly as I gulped down another bottle of beer and to my own dismay Marie walked in...

‘What the hell is wrong with you?!! You're a shadow of yourself Stephan!! Give me that bottle!!'..She screamed and grabbed the bottle from my hands!!..

‘Leave me alone Marie what's your problem?! And please never in your life should you send someone to make me forget about Celine'...I replied..

‘What are you talking about?? I never sent anyone to you'..She asked..

‘A guy bursted through my door and warned me to forget about Celine what do you think that means??'..i retorted...

‘I never sent anyone to you Stephan oh my God!! That means he knows about Celine you idiot!! He knows about Celine and you just let him go!'..

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