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🔥(His perfect antidote)🔥


Celine's POV

I was done with my shift a d went into the staff lodge to change into normal clothes.Marie headed early cause she was on a date with Martin..

‘Goodnight Sam'..i said to bar man and he nodded in acknowledgement of my bidding...

I left the restaurant and went down the alley ready and hungry too to make dinner for Stephan my boyfriend who I've been staying with for three years now...

Stephan is more of like the love of my life and we met in college culinary school,where I was studying to be a chef.He was the head student and charming too...

‘You have to come with us ma'am'..A man in a black suit with shades said as he blocked me from moving further with two other guys...

‘Are you the cops or...cause i don't understand have I done something wrong??'..I asked..

‘You just have to come with us'..The man replied and I frowned..

‘I'm sorry but I know my right which means that you can't take me away forcefully and....'....My voice trailed off as some thing was sprayed in my eyes..

‘What the f**k?!!'..I cried out trying to see but then my mind went black and I drifted into oblivion..


I opened my eyes only to see myself in the most beautiful room I've ever seen...

There was something unusual about it due to the delicate artwork of fire and ice..

‘Where am I?'..i asked myself and when i tried moving i found myself tied like a thanksgiving present..

Oh my God where am I??..

Why am I here??..

What wrong have i done??..

‘Help me!!!'..i screamed at the top of my voice and all that was given to me back was an echo...

‘Help me!!!'..I screamed again and tried releasing myself from the ropes but the harder i tried the more painful it became...

‘So are you done trying to hurt yourself??'..Someone asked immediately the lights turned off...

His voice was deep and masculine and i whimpered as he walked inside the room...

I tried straining my eyes to see his face but it was too hard cause the room was stark dark...

‘Who are you and what do you want from me??'..i asked with tears in my eyes..

‘I don't want anything much from you Celine,I just want you to be here to warm my cold blood,you are my antidote Celine'..He muttered..

‘What are you talking about?? Who are you?! Are you out of your mind?!! You can't keep me here and if you're man enough turned on the lights and let me see who you are!!!'..i yelled and all he did was snicker...

‘You don't need to know anything about me Celine you have to take your rest cause tomorrow we are getting married'..he replied..

‘What?!! Marriage?!! What are you saying?! Hey come back here and explain what you mean!!'..i cried out as he walked out the door..

Who the hell is this guy and what is he talking about?!!.




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