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Damon's POV♠

I stared down at my pants which had been soiled with vomit.Celine stood there with an exasperated look on his face and I groaned..

‘I..I'm so so sorry,I'm so sorry I'll make it up to you i swear!!'..She cried out trying to dust away the the vomit disgustingly but instead she only made it worse...

‘Just let it be'..i muttered but she kept dusting away and i angrily grabbed her hands..

‘Just let it be Celine,go wash up in your room!!'..i yelled and pointed at the stairway..

She retreated with her head hung low and I looked down at my pants disgustingly and ashamedly..

‘We are sorry boss,you said we should help her celebrate and she wanted to party'..Romeo said and the rest of my men agreed with him..

‘Go to your quarters and i don't want to see anyone here until you're called for'...i ordered and they all left...

I felt blood rushing to my head and myself gasping for breath knowing that it was time for my medication from Celine...

I staggered to my room and changed into soft pajamas and went into her room only to see her coming out of the bathroom wet with a towel wrapped around her body..

My eyes lingered from her long legs to her almond eyes and oval shaped face which made me gulp hard..

I ignored the heat in my loins and achingly turned around so as to keep my sanity..

‘Please put on some clothes'..i murmured and i sensed her going into her dressing room to change...

She came out minutes later wearing a Donald Duck pajama and I bit my lower lip seeing that she still had an effect on me...

How is this even possible??..

How can she look so attractive in her pajama??..

‘Uhmmm are you??'..She asked making a mental picture with her hands and i nodded...

‘Yeah I need your warmth'..i replied and in an instant i reached out for her and kissed her lusciously...

There was a time when she resisted me but surprisingly she just let me kissed her like she didn't care anymore..

‘Thanks'..i murmured as I broke away from the kiss and she nipped her bottom lip..

‘You're a really good kisser how come you don't have any girlfriend??'..She asked and my face went downcast immediately..

‘Sorry I..I...I didn't mean to ask'..she stuttered and I nodded...

‘It's okay,I'm not a ladies man'..

‘You?? Gimme a break you might be half human half demon but you've got the looks of a supermodel,with looks like yours you could make it big in the industry'..She commended..

‘Hmmm you think?? I don't think so'..I chuckled for the first time in a long time...

‘Yeah I'm pretty sure but...what do you do for a living??'..She asked..

‘I kill people'..I replied blatantly and I almost guffawed seeing the color drain from her face...

‘ kill people??'..she asked again...

‘I'm just pulling your legs Celine I own clubs'..I said..

‘Ohhhh for a while I thought you're an assassin of some sort but you're way too nice even though you always keep a scowl on your face'...She blurted out loud and I frowned..

‘Don't ever call me a nice person Celine I'm not a nice person'..

‘But you're really nice to be honest,you're scary but you're nice'..she insisted..

‘Don't ever call me nice Celine!! I'm not nice I'm a monster!!'..I yelled and she smiled..

‘Awww you look like a Teddy when you're angry'..She cooed and I groaned..

Is she trying to annoy me??..

And why do I enjoy it??

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