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🔥(His perfect antidote)🔥


Damon's POV♠

🎶Oh here we go..
      Please let me know..
Off we go..
     Don't leave me in the cold..

I frowned deeply as I heard the loud music playing from downstairs..

What the hell??..

I told them just wish her a happy birthday and yes but that doesn't mean they should disturb my peace..

‘Whoooooooo!!!!'...Celine screamed at the top of her voice and i groaned loudly squeezing the paper in my hands into dust...

I blocked my ears with my hands and the more I tried blocking the noise the louder it became and suddenly my ears started bleeding and my eyes turned blood red...

‘Would you guys keep it down!!!'..I yelled at the top of my voice super angry but the music was so loud that no one heard me..

Okay that's it!!..

Celine's POV♠

I was so drunk and immensely dancing that I didn't notice the rumbling walls and the guards who moved backwards until i felt a strong hand grabbing mine..

‘What is the meaning of this behavior Celine!!! What is the meaning of this all of you!! Can't I have piece of mind in my own house?!!'..Damon yelled and I cackled loudly..

‘Half demon doesn't know..know how to party,you're such a weirdo half demon and it doesn't look good on you—I mean why are the handsome ones always taken or gay or stupid??'..I said staggering a little bit and he frowned..

‘Celine are you drunk??'..He asked..

‘Drunk?? Why would I be drunk?? Why wouldn't i be drunk when I'm a prisoner in this s*ithole huh?!! Tell me why shouldn't i be drunk'..I replied and as I staggered towards the bottle of whiskey he dragged me back..

‘I would not condone such attitude you hear me?!! What is wrong with you?!'..He yelled and I laughed sensing the anger in his blood red eyes..

‘It's my birthday and I'm not with my boyfriend and instead I'm with a demon so what do you ex...' voice trailed off as I a salty rise in my throat..

‘Your ex what huh?!! Tell me!!'..He yelled and the house began rumbling again..

‘Move away half demon,move backwards'..i murmured..

‘Ohh really why??'..he asked folding his hands..

‘Move...'..I tried to say but it was too late...

I puked on his pants..




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