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Damon's POV♠

I smiled as i walked out of Celine's room who happens to be 24 years old today...

‘Anything boss??'..Romeo asked as he came out of the bathroom...

‘Yeah i need a cake for her'..I replied pointing at Celine's door and he nodded as he left..

I may be cold but I'm certainly not a monster..

I'm keeping her here for my own protection so the least i could do is celebrate her birthday and as for that Stephan guy..

I've got to do something about him..

Twenty minutes later♠
I was busy going through some of the files for the sixth club I was planning on opening in Los Angeles..

Even though I'm only half-demon I still have to make a living out of something and since I graduated with a degree in business management I decided to open clubs...

Club ZORON named Como my mother's kingdom...

‘Boss the cake is ready'..Romeo said and i smirked lightly..

‘Good.Take Celine downstairs or do whatever you want with the other men and make her day memorable'..i replied and he nodded again leaving..

This is one of the reasons why I like Romeo.He always carries out my orders and never delays even though i don't normally tell him that but he's my right hand man...


Celine rubbed her sore eyes which was worn from all the crying she's been going through..

She went downstairs with her hands still on her eyes and the next thing she knew;



Celine's POV♠

‘Guys??'..I exclaimed in pure awe as I saw a cake on the dining table with two light sticks on the table..

Every single bodyguard were holding balloons with smiles on their faces and in the most uncanny way their gesture touched my heart..

‘Happy birthday Celine'...Romeo said as he gestured me towards my cake..

‘Thank you guys so much but..but how did you know??'..i asked with a smile on my face...

‘Our boss wanted us to celebrate you so he told us'..he replied..

‘Ohh really?? Your boss did all of this?? For me??'..i asked..

Even though i hate this place and i hate Damon with so much passion somehow I'm touched by what he did...

‘Yes he did'..

‘ uhmm is there any alcohol in the house??'..i asked again with a mischievous grin on my face and they nodded...

‘Well then let's party!!!!'..

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