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πŸ”₯(His perfect antidote)πŸ”₯

πŸ”₯EPISODE 12πŸ”₯

Stephan's POV♠

I dragged the bin bags into the trash bin dejected and ragged and dirty...

Nothing just makes sense to me ever since Celine has been missing...

‘Jeez you look like you were regurgitated by a cow'..Marie muttered as she walked towards me with grocery bags..

‘You think?? I feel like shit Marie,  Celine is gone and I just don't know what to do anymore'...I replied sniffing my nose..

‘It doesn't make you turn into a monster?? Look at yourself Stephan!! Is this what Celine would want? Get a grip of yourself!!'..She yelled and immediately I broke down...

‘I just don't know what to do anymore Marie,I love her so much and I miss her!! Look I was going to ask her to be my wife today! I was going to ask her to be my wife,her birthday is today Marie and it's the first time i don't get to spend it with her!!'..

‘Pull yourself together Stephan,pull yourself together now you'd go inside the house,shave and have a bath then I'll make you a steaming bowl of chicken soup'..

Damon's POV♠

‘Happy birthday Celine'..I said as I walked into Celine's room..

She yawned loudly hearing my words and when it fully came onto her she jerked..

‘Wh...what did you say??'..She asked in a stutter...

‘I said happy birthday or is today not your birthday??'...I replied..

‘How did you know that??'..She asked obviously scared again and I smiled..

‘I know everything about you Celine,I know that you love chocolate more than anything,I know that you love Jennifer Lopez and you would watch anything that has Channing Tatum in it..I know that you hate anything with broccoli in it and—

‘Say no more Damon cause you're really creeping me out the more'..She cut in with a bemused expression on her face and I smiled..

‘So how do you want to celebrate??'..i asked .

‘I want to go home'..she replied and the smile on my face faded abruptly...

‘Why can't you just?!!...Sorry Celine but you can't go back home I'm sorry'..i finally said keeping my anger away from my words...

‘Can't i just call Stephan and assure him that I'm okay?? I just want to hear his voice half-demon i really need to speak with him!!'..she begged..

‘You can't leave me Celine'..i just muttered..


‘Cause i love you'..

‘Ohhh you're really out of your mind!!!'...




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