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πŸ”₯(His perfect antidote)πŸ”₯

πŸ”₯EPISODE 11πŸ”₯

Celine's POV♠

‘Tell me what is in your mind Damon?? Please tell me what's going on in your mind i want to know!! What do you want from me?? What do you mean by if I'm ready please I just want to know'...I begged with my hands clasped against each other and with tears in my eyes...

‘I want you Celine,I want your body and I want to...

‘Is it s*x?? I can give you s*x if that's what you want,let's just do a quick one and then you let me go'..I cried out as I tried reaching for him and then he slammed his hands against the kitchen counter and when i looked at him I noticed his eyes became red..

A red which clearly showed ANGER..

‘No i won't Celine!! You don't understand!! You have to be willing Celine and i won't touch you until you finally want me!!'..He yelled and walked away angrily..

What the??..

What on earth??..

He claims to want me and now that i want to freely give him my body he now says I must be willing...

What kind of a human are you Damon??..

Oh I forgot you're not human..

At nightπŸŒƒ
‘Celine'..someone murmured and i opened my eyes only to see Damon again and luckily this time he wasn't wearing a mask..

I mean who on earth hides such an handsome face like his??..

If only Stephan has his kind of face..

Stephan isn't too great on looks but he's the man I love..

‘What do you want??'..I asked with a frown on my face...

‘I need you now Celine,i need your warmth'..He rasped and I held in a gasp..


Not after how drained I was the other night...

‘No I can't..I can't do that not after what you did to me last night.I might die!!'..I cried out..

‘You won't die Celine your energy would just be drained but it would be regained after you sleep'...He replied..

‘And if i don't??'..I asked..

‘I might die'..

‘Then why should I bother?'..

‘Cause you love your boyfriend Stephan and you wouldn't want anything to happen to him'..he said with a smirk on his face..

‘What?!! You wouldn't dare touch my Stephan! You wouldn't dare try to hurt my Stephan!!'..i screamed with my eyes boiling in anger and the next thing i one his lips went down on my and my limbs melted again...

My hands raked through his hair and we both delved deeper as my hair laid on the pillow..

I just don't know why but there's a good feeling I get whenever i kiss Damon..

It's just like my pain disappears and in as much as i hate it i enjoy the weakness his kisses give me..

‘Go to sleep Celine,tomorrow is a new day'..he whispered and before I could comprehend what he said my eyes closed and I drifted off again..


Damon was perturbed about how he felt about Celine as he walked into his study...

There was something like a connection between the both of them and it was something he's never felt before with any woman..

He was never a woman kind of a person and in his 28 years of living he's only dated 4 women,2 of which were Zorons..

But with Celine what he felt was different...

Her connection with his was so pure and every time he kisses her his body tempts him to do more..

He couldn't possibly be in love with her is he??

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