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Celine's POV♠

The Next Morning⛅
I opened my eyes only for me to see that it was morning already.I yawned loudly and went downstairs only for me to see that I was already in a night dress as soon as I walked past a mirror..

‘What the—'..i muttered..

How on earth did i get changed??..

‘Good morning'..Someone said from behind me and when I turned around I gasped really loud..

It was a guy with the most beautiful blue eyes I'd ever seen.He had brown hair and his shoulders were so broad that I felt so small..

In other words..

He looked like an angel..

‘Who are you??'..I asked and he smirked showing a right dimple...

‘Damon'..he replied and walked away..

What the hell?!!..

The Damon i know is one who wears hats and cloaks with a mask but now he's wearing a tank top and joggers?!!..

If he's so hot hen why does he hide is face??...

‘I didn't know it was you I..I mean you always wear a cloak and a mask I didn't..I didn't recognize you'...I stuttered as I walked in on him slicing an apple..

‘Do you like what you see??'..He asked and my mouth went agape...

How can someone be so bland with questions??..

‘Please don't ask me that again i want to go home'..I replied crossing my arms..

‘You can't go home'..he murmured..

‘Why??'..i asked..

‘Cause you are my wife and I need you'...he replied and I scoffed..

‘Your wife?!! I don't even know you and I love someone else so how can you say I'm your wife?!! You're not even human and you say I'm your wife?!'..I cried out..

‘Yeah I know but you are my wife regardless,we are married and the sooner you accept it the better for the both of us'..he replied without a hint of emotion...

‘Can i just talk to my friend Marie?? Can I please just talk to my mom?? I want to speak with my mom please you can't just shut me out from the rest of the world??'..I cried out with my hands clasped..

‘I'm sorry CELINE but you have to be cut out from the rest of the world until i get what I want from you'..He said in whisper..

‘What do you want?! Is it more kisses?!! What do you want from me Damon!! I can't stay here doing nothing?!'..

‘There is a TV Celine you can watch whatever you want and you can have whatever you want until you're ready'..

‘Ready for what??'..

‘Ready for me'..

‘You're a f**king weirdo!!!'..




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