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🔥(His perfect antidote)🔥


Cold blooded as hell Damon watched as the waitress smiled at the other customers who in return smiled back at her...

Her aura was perfectly warm and it was warm enough for him who needed it...

He must find a way to have her..

There was a way he could have her..

He needed her...

She was his perfect antidote...


Celine's POV🖤

‘Celine you're looking good today'..Chuck,the 9 year old boy with a loud mouth teased and i chuckled softly..

‘Chuck I'm getting my paycheck today so yeah I'm looking good today'...i replied as i dropped his bowl of strawberry cream sundae on his table..

‘Ohhh i guessed that right,you're the only reason I always come to this five star restaurant'..He said with his green eyes blossoming with affection...

Chuck has somewhat like a major crush on me..

‘Ohhh Chuck you need to be hanging with kids your own age'..I said and he smiled..

I noticed a group of men surrounding a table with someone in the middle but i couldn't see clearly...

‘Marie who's there??'..i asked in a whisper at my co waitress and she shrugged..

‘I don't know sis there's something strange about those guys,they've been coming for weeks now and I haven't seen the guy in the middle face,it's like they're a secret cult or something'...She said..

‘Hnmmm okay cause they sure look suspicious to me why don't I go check it out??'..i suggested and as i wanted to go over she held me back...

‘Are you out of your mind?! They could be government officials for crying out loud and you want to go over?!!'..She whispered softly and I let out a slight guffaw...

‘Okay scardy cat i won't go over'..


His gaze lingered on her perfect body..

Round breasts,tauted lips,long legs,blonde hair and almond brown eyes which he almost got lost in...

She was perfect for his body...

More like his perfect antidote..

‘I want her'..he murmured taking a sip of his vodka..



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