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🍕🍕The Pizza girl 2🍕🍕

🍕(A fight for love)🍕

🍕 Season 2 🍕

🍕Episode 50🍕
(Quarter Finale)

Gabriel's POV🍕

I paused for a while contemplating on whether to go on with what i wanted to do and when i had no other choice i grabbed my phone to dial Hollin's number...

📱:Hey Holl?? You busy??'..i asked..

📲:No I'm not so what's up?? You give Jasmine the ring yet??'..He replied and i sighed deeply...

📱:No i didn't give her a ring Hollin I asked her to marry me for the twelfth time and she said no'..

📲:Really?? You didn't give her a ring??'..He asked again and i frowned..

📱:What part of the convo aren't you getting?? I didn't give her a ring Hollin and she said no!!!'..i yelled and he chuckled softly..

📲:You really are funny Gabriel,you've been asking a woman to marry you for weeks now and she said no even though she loves you and you can't even see the obvious??'..He said..

📱:Obvious?? Expatiate further Hollin i don't get'..I replied and he chuckled again...

📲:You are my elder brother but i still have to state the obvious!! She wants romance dude!! You've never knelt down on one knee with a box in front of you and pop the question!!! You just ask her so plainly like Hey you wanna marry me?! Who does that bruhhh!'..he said so loud and i gasped..

📱:So I've been doing it all wrong??'..i asked..

📲:Of course you've been doing it all wrong Jasmine is a strong girl so she won't tell you that cause she doesn't want you to see her as a softie'..He replied..

📱:Oh my God i can't believe this!! Here I thought that Jasmine doesn't really want to marry me because of my past!! Goodbye Hollin I think i need to get to the nearest jewelry store!!! And oh f**k I forgot it's her birthday!! Gotta go you're the best bro'..I said and hung up the call..

Jasmine's POV🍕

At Night🖤
I yawned loudly as I stepped into the house only for the lights to turn out with screams of ‘SURPRISE!!!'...

There was everyone..



Marilyn and Jonas..

Mandy and Gabriel...

Almost every worker in the Pizza palace and more...

‘Guys?? What the..' voice was cut short as Mandy brought a small box to me with a smile on her face..

‘Happy birthday Mommy'..she said in her little Angelic voice and I opened the box to see the most beautiful diamond ring..

‘Oh my God Mandy where did you g..'..i was cut short again when Gabriel went down on his knees with so much love showing in his eyes..

‘Gabriel what are...

‘I realized I've been doing it all wrong Jasmine and I want to make the proposal right this time..WILL YOU MARRY ME??'..He asked and I broke into a smile..

‘Took you long enough'..




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