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🍕🍕The Pizza girl 2 🍕🍕 

🍕(A fight for love)🍕

 🍕 Season 2 🍕

🍕Episode 45🍕

Jasmine's POV 🍕

‘So you've been with this bastard and I didn't know?!! You've been seeing the man who betrayed you and I didn't know??'..Dad said aloud and I quickly freed myself from his grasp and ran over to Gabriel...

‘Yeah he's right Dad.I love Gabriel more than anything and you have to respect my decision—Yes he denied my pregnancy and acted like a jerk towards me but he regrets it doesn't he??.Dad.Mandy needs her father and I need someone who loves me and Gabriel really loves me to be honest.These past few days he's been the best man I could possibly ask for and I couldn't loose him for the world.Please Dad I forgave him and you should too—All of you!! Please'..I begged with tears in my eyes..

‘He's a married man Jasmine'..

‘Divorced'..Gabriel corrected and I smiled..

‘She really looks happy Dad'..Eric added and I threw him an appreciation glance and he smiled in return..

Dad kept on looking at Gabriel and I with disgust and we both gulped hard at the same time as if on cue..

‘Daddy!!!'...Mandy squealed with delight as she ran over to where Gabriel and I was standing..

‘Baby girl'..Gabriel muttered loudly and pressed soft kisses to her neck which made her laugh...

The anger in Dad's eyes vanished immediately and instead was replaced with shock...

‘I...I guess you're the right one for my daughter then.If Jasmine and Mandy are both happy then what would you have me do?? But this is my promise to you young man—You break my daughter's heart one last time and I would break your nose'..He threatened...

‘Okay sir I wouldn't ignore her for the world and I would never hurt her'..He said and i smiled...

‘Thank you Dad'..

‘Don't thank me Jasmine.Mandy made me realize how happy she was seeing you'..He said and I nodded...

Gabriel's POV

At night 🌌🌌.
‘I feel good you know'...Jasmine muttered under her breath as we both stared at the stars lying face up...

‘Yeah I feel good too only because you're here with me'..I replied and she smiled kissing the tip of my nose...

‘Jasmine no one's here'..I whispered with a wicked grin on my face...

‘What do you mean??'..she asked and I unbuttoned one of her buttons...

‘I mean don't you think it's time for—.

‘For what??'..She cut in and I hid my frustration a bit..

‘You know what I'm talking about Jasmine'..I whispered huskily and lowered my lips to hers...



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