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🍕🍕 The Pizza girl 2 🍕🍕 

🍕(A fight for love)🍕

🍕Season 2🍕

🍕Episode 43🍕

Jasmine's POV 🍕

‘A..are..are you sure you're okay??..D..did..did you just ask me to marry you??...I stuttered loudly and Gabriel nodded...

‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you Jasmine,you're the best thing that's happened to me since...since forever and without you I'd be nothing'..he said holding my hands affectionately...

‘Marrying you would be the best thing that would ever happen to me Gabriel but...

‘But what Jasmine??'..

‘I can't Gabriel I'm sorry,I can't marry you'...I answered and almost cried seeing the pain in his eyes...

‘Why Jasmine??'..He asked and I sniffed loudly..

‘I'm just not ready Gabriel,we are both not ready don't you think we're going too far with this?!! I'm just not ready to marry you—Don't get me wrong I love you but I'm ready to marry you yet.We have a lot of family problems going on Gabriel and the news of marriage doesn't seem like a good thing.Your parents hate me and my parents hate you.It's like a fight for love Gabriel and we're not ready for it yet so I can't marry you'...I said in tears and plunked down on the edge of the bed...

‘To hell with family Jasmine,we could run away!! We could take Mandy and start a new life afresh Jasmine but I can't bear to loose you again and if you really love me then you should marry me'...He said adamantly and I frowned still with tears in my eyes...

‘You just don't get it do you?? I can't leave everything behind because of you?!! What do you take me for huh?! You are still married the last time I checked and I can't run away with a married man!! Everything is not about you Gabriel!!!'...I cried out and he sighed deeply...

‘I guess you're right Jasmine I should take things slow but this is my promise to you Jasmine—I would ask you this question again when the time is finally right for the both of us and I hope you say yes'...He replied with sheer pain in his eyes and shut the door of the bathroom as he went inside...

I bent my head low and bursted into tears immediately...

What am I doing?..

Gabriel Alivo just asked me to marry him and I said no??...

But I'm right..

I'm not ready but when I'm ready I would surely say yes..

I would say yes to you Gabriel...

Gabriel's POV🍕

The Next Morning🍕
I woke up and turned around only to see Jasmine fast asleep next to me.My hands brushed her soft lips and I snuggled closer..

It's a bummer she refused to marry me but I'm okay with it anyway...

She's right about being so fast about my intentions...

But I want her to be by my side every morning and every night,I want to be a full time father to Mandy and a full time lover to her...

‘Mmmmh you're beautiful Jasmine'...I murmured and she opened her eyes lightly..

‘Good morning'..She replied in a yawn and I kissed the tip of her nose..

‘Did anyone tell you how beautiful you look in the morning??'..I asked and she smiled..

‘No I haven't heard,you're the first one to tell me'..

‘Are you sure??"..

‘Yeah I'm sure'..

‘I just don't know what this is but I sure as hell like what's going on between the both of us,it's what I call uhmm..


‘Yeah love Gabriel,I love you'..She replied and I kissed her lightly..

Gosh I want to marry her!!..



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