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🍕🍕The Pizza girl 2🍕🍕

🍕(A fight for love)🍕

🍕 Season 2 🍕

🍕 Episode 42 🍕

Gabriel's POV 🍕

‘Hey cut it out!!'..Jasmine said aloud as     my hands caressed her thighs..

‘You're acting like you don't enjoy it'..I murmured and she slapped my hands off as she washed my hair in the hotel bath tub...

‘I told you to stop didn't I??'..She scolded but I ignored her and caressed her thighs anyway...

‘I remember how we met like it's just yesterday'..I blurted out loud and she smiled..

‘Yeah I hated you with passion then!! Remember how you said I should come for an interview just because you wanted my number??'..She asked...

‘Yeah,I guess I fell in love with you from that minute then and then we....' voice trailed off as soon as I got to the part of saying we had s*x...

‘You don't have to feel sorry for everything Gabriel it was just harmless s*x and nothing else'..She said using a towel to clean my hair and I frowned s bit..

‘Can I ask you a question??'..


‘Have you been with other men since you came to Italy??'..I asked gulping hard..

‘No Gabriel I was pregnant remember?? I was pregnant and looking for a house to stay and a job so there was no way I was with someone'..She snapped and when u arched my brows she sighed deeply..

‘I'm sorry I guess I'm cranky about the whole thing it's just that it's been hard'..She added and I pursed my lips lightly..

‘So you've never been with anyone but me??'..I asked smiling softly..

‘Yeah and I've never had s*x with anyone but you'..

‘I love you Jasmine'..

‘I love you too Gabriel'..

‘Do you wanna dance???'...I asked and she shook her head..

‘I'm a terrible dancer' she said .

‘Well I'll teach you come here'..I replied and pulled her towards me..

I turned the song and then we began dancing..

🎶Do you love the rain does it make you smile when you're just with your friends at a party..

🎶What's your favorite song? Does it make you dance? Do you think of me??..

🎶When you close your eyes tell me what are you dreaming..

🎶Everything I wanna know it all..

🎶I'd spend 10,000 hours and 10,000 more.
  Oh if that's what it takes to learn that sweet heart of yours..

🎶And I might never get there bit I'm gonna try...

🎶If it's 10,000 hours for the rest of my life I'm gonna love you...

‘Jasmine??'..i murmured as I twirled her around..

‘Hmmm??'..she replied..

‘Will you marry me??'…




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