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🍕🍕The Pizza girl 2🍕🍕

🍕(A fight for love)🍕

🍕 Season 2 🍕

🍕Episode 41🍕

Jessica's POV cont'd 🍕

‘Baby??'..Tonio said aloud as he dropped his phone to the ground when I opened the door to the room...

‘H..hey..hey who is on the phone??'..I asked still shocked about the endearing revelation about his true self...

I can't believe he's been playing me for a fool all along and I've been tagging like an idiot dog..

I invested my whole money in the so called business of his—One million dollars to be exact and now he's a fraudulent bastard?!!...

Oh God I even left Gabriel for him!!..

I sent Gabriel divorce papers just because of him!!..

‘It was my mom,I just bought a plane ticket for her vacation to Hawaii'..He said smiling and I frowned deeply...

‘So let's talk about your real name cause I know it isn't Tonio, let's talk about your girlfriend!!! OH MY GOD TONIO YOU'VE BEEN PLAYING ME ALL ALONG!!!!! I can't believe I left my husband because of you and you're planning to kill me!! Do you really think I'm that stupid?!! You want to kill me and my husband to get his properties!!!'..I cried out and he frowned deeply...

‘You know what leave my house!!! Leave this place!! Tonio I never want to see you ever again I never want to smell you!! I never want to feel you!! I never want to feel your shadow!!'...I added and he scoffed .

‘I'll leave here JESSICA I'm done with you anyway and gosh I'm so tired of this stupid accent.. it's a shame I didn't get what I want from you'..He said despicably smiling...

‘Get out you bastard!! Get out!! I never want to see your face ever again!!!'...

Gabriel's POV 🍕

Jasmine and I went to the park to have some fun alone.We got to an ice cream stand and I bought her a strawberry and vanilla sprinked cone...

‘Hmmm'..she murmured smacking her lips as she bit into the ice cream leaving a spot of it on her nose...

‘You have a little something'..I said rounding my fingers..

‘Where??'..She asked..

‘Wait let me help'..I murmured and instead of using my hands I used my tongue and licked the tip of her nose which made her smile..

‘That's better'..I said..

I linked my arm around hers and together we both walked towards the creek..

‘It's just 30 minutes and I feel so relaxed already'..She said smiling up at me...

‘Oh really?? Well I'm having fun with you too,you're a pleasure to be with Jasmine'..I replied and she linked her arms around mine and I saw her hazel eyes sparkle with love..

‘Who would have thought I would love you Gabriel.I hated you,I despised you,I wished you bad and now I can't even do without you—I love you'...She said..

‘I love you too'..I replied and lowered my lips down to hers...

We kissed for a moment and the next thing I knew I felt something like a droplet on my head..

‘Wait did that bird just poop💩 on your head??'..she taunted and I groaned almost touching it..

‘Yeah I think a bird just pooped on my head haha not funny Jasmine I need to wash this up'..

‘You know we could book a hotel for the night'..She murmured in a lacklustre way and I smirked..

‘I kinda like the way you think baby and..

‘You need a haircut and a hairwash so let's go'..She cut in and turned to leave but I pulled her back and she hit my chest..

‘But first..' voice trailed off as I kissed her softly again but then I felt another droplet on my head .


‘Ohh Come on!!!'..



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