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🍕🍕The Pizza girl 2🍕🍕

🍕(I made a mistake...but I wanna make things right)🍕

🍕Season 2 🍕

🍕Episode 40🍕

Jasmine's POV 🍕

I sat on the couch already tired and weak from all the words mom was saying and the notion about Lucas and everything...

I put on my jogging pants and tank top to go for a little run.Grabbed my phone with my ear phone and headed out the door only for me to see Gabriel rested on his car and looking super handsome too in his gym clothes...

‘So let me guess, you're here to say that your mom made you choose between me or the business right??'..I muttered as I walked over to him with a smile on my face...

‘H...How on Earth?? Are you a psychic or something??'..He asked circling his arms around my waist..

‘I watch a lot of television so I know all this,so what are you going to do??'..I replied..

‘Should I be honest?? I do not know but there's no way my mom or dad are going to do what they say, they're just bluffing..well how about your parents??'..He asked. .

‘Well almost the same thing.They hate you with contempt and are planning on hooking me up back with my ex'..I said..

‘Ohh'..was all he could say and when I saw the downcast look on his face I gulped hard..

‘Gabriel why do I feel like you're going to ditch me?? Why do I have the feeling that you're gonna leave me again??'..I murmured with tears welling up in my eyes..

‘We staying together is going to be tough Jasmine but I would never leave your side that's what I'm sure of'..He said and pressed his lips to my forehead..

‘Let's go somewhere tonight,let's have some time alone together,your parents are home with Mandy right??'..


‘So let's have some fun alone together with no one to bother us.You and I you know'..He suggested and I nodded..

‘You're right I'm pretty sick of this place'..

Jessica's POV🍕

I changed into a very sexy bikini ready for Tonio and went into the room to call him only for me to hear whispers coming from his room...

It looked like he was on a phone call...

‘She's not ready to kill her husband baby...yeah yeah I know but I'm doing the best I can...she thinks I'm a billionaire and that's enough to get the money...yeah baby when we kill her husband and get his property I'll kill her too and then it's a trip to Malibu baby!!'...I heard him say and I gasped loudly...

He doesn't even have an accent!!!....

I rushed over to my phone and searched for Tonio Alejandro Corp limited and all I got was the picture of a food truck..

It's a lie!!!..

Everything is a freaking lie!!..

The tales of his exploration,his money,his private jets,his town houses it's all a lie..




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