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🍕🍕 The Pizza girl 2🍕🍕

🍕(I made a mistake...but I wanna make things right)🍕

🍕 Season 2🍕

🍕 Episode 34🍕

Jasmine's POV 🍕

‘Wake up Gabriel please don't do this to me,please don't this to me!! Please wake up!!'..I cried out as my hands touched the pool of blood on Gabriel's car seat...

Why would someone even shoot him??..

Who shot him and why??...

I ran inside the house and grabbed my phone to call 911..

📱: hello!!..

📲:hello this is 911? Please state your 

📱:Well..well there's a man here and he's been shot he needs your help!!..

📲:this is 911 please state your emergency'..

📱:What the??? Please he really needs an ambulance!! A man is dying here!!...

📲:This is 911 please state your emergency'..

‘Shit!!!'..I cried out and threw my phone across the road...

‘Gabriel please hold on I'm going to help you'..I said in tears and dragged his limp body towards the house..

It's okay..

I can do this...

I can try to do this...

I was in the red Cross in the past so I know a thing or two about removing bullets...

‘Please Hold on for me Gabriel I'm going to save you,please stay alive for your daughter and I we really love you'..I murmured in tears..

Gabriel's POV🍕

The Next Morning 🍕
I opened my eyes only for a bright light to shine upon my eyes..

I looked around and that's when I noticed that I wasn't in my car and in my house...

A blast of pain wavered over me as I tried to sit up and when I looked down I discovered that a bandage was wrapped around my rib cage...

‘What happened??'..I murmred and then the next thing I knew Jasmine bursted through the door..

‘Oh my God you're awake!!'..she cried out and hugged me really tight..

‘B..but what's??..

‘Shut up I love you and don't you ever scare me like that again you hear?!! Don't you ever scare me like that again I love you Alivo even though you hurt me beyond repair I still love you!!'..




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