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🍕🍕The Pizza girl 2🍕🍕

🍕(I made a mistake...but I wanna make things right)🍕

🍕 Season 2 🍕

🍕Episode 32🍕

Jasmine's POV🍕

🎶I love you
     You love me.
We're a happy family..

🎶With a great big hug
       And a kiss from me to you.
Won't you say you love me too..

I sang melodiously as I rocked Mandy who was crying to sleep..

‘I want dada'..she whimpered and I smiled kissing her forehead..

‘Dada isn't coming my darling so just go to bed okay??'..I whispered and began singing again..

In a minute she was asleep and I carried her up in my arms to the room and carefully laid her on the bed which made her purr a little..

She's such an angel..

An angel that just reminds me of her dad who is a backstabbing devil..

Gabriel's POV🍕

‘Gabriel you can't possibly be serious?! So what you're trying to say is that that riff raff of a pizza girl wasn't lying two years ago?? And she was really carrying your child and you denied her?!'..Dad yelled and I gulped hard..


‘And she has a beautiful daughter of which you know of and took care of until now??'..He asked further and this time I nodded..

‘For heavens sake you're 27 Gabriel!!! How could you be so naive?!The child may not be yours though,maybe she was just using it as a ploy to get to you'..Mom added and I scoffed really loudly..

Ohh they have got to be kidding me...

‘I don't think you've seen Mandy mom!! She's perfect replica of me and you!! Jasmine has never asked for anything from me and I've never given her any money to be honest!! She's the sweetest and most lovable girl I know and I took it for granted—I took her for granted and if I can't tell her how much she means to me then it isn't worth it at all!! You all thought Jessica was the perfect one for me right? Well sorry to burst your bubble she isn't and she would never be! She's rude, oblivious to my feelings,she doesn't cook,wash or clean.She basically makes me eat fast food and now she's dating the man I brought home for dinner as my client!!'..I yelled pointing at nothing in particular..

If only they knew the pain I'm going through...

If only they know how much I love Jasmine..

I failed to realize it earlier and now that I do I regret everything I've done..

‘Think about what society would say Gabriel,you're an Alivo and we Alivo's protect our reputation at all cost.What would people think of your father and i?? That we raised a wayward son??'..Mom asked and my mouth went agape with disgust..

Did she just??...

‘Wait did you just say that?!! Mom did you just say that?! Oh my God you guys are so damn selfish I'm going!! You both can ride a taxi!!'..I screamed...

There's only one thing I have to do now...

Jasmine's POV 🍕

I flipped through the pages of the new record book Marilyn made for me and placed it in the brown box next to me..

Thanks to Jonas i've found a new apartment at the other side of town which isn't far from the shop and now I've begun packing..

Just as I taped the first box my doorbell rang..

‘Who is it??'..I asked and when I opened the door I slammed it immediately with so much energy..

‘Jasmine please I just want to talk'..Gabriel said and I scoffed..

‘Talk?? Well you've done enough talking Alivo judging from your letter and look!!'..I yelled throwing a paper at him from the window..

‘That's a restraining order you bastard!! Stay away from me and my daughter or you go to jail!'..



  1. This rich people, do they even have gold to be digged in the first place?. If u re not rich u re a gold digger

  2. Now u have it... u think u can come in and out of her life just like that?

  3. So you have come to your senses abi😒

  4. SO you think you can play her life ?



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