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🍕🍕The Pizza girl 2🍕🍕

🍕(I made a mistake...but i wanna make things right)🍕

🍕 Season 2 🍕

🍕Episode 31🍕

Gabriel's POV cont'd🍕

‘Gabriel dear what is he talking about??'..Mom asked..

‘Uhhh nothing mom we..we just have to go now'..I replied nervously trying to keep my hands from shaking...

‘But we just got here and I'm starving!!'..She protested..

‘Yeah I know..but..but we have to leave here cause i forgot that i was banned from this place'..i lied and Jonas just raised his brow cynically..

‘Let's go sweetheart I'm tired anyway and I'm not hungry anymore'..Dad added and I heaved a sigh of relief..

We all left the restaurant and a wave of guilt hit me so bad that I just stood transfixed at the spot seeing a man lift his daughter up..

They looked so happy together..

Mandy and i were so happy together..

‘That is what I call family if I must say,they look so goof together'..Mom exclaimed and i nodded as we all got into the car..

‘So is Jessica pregnant??'..

‘Mom!! You're bothering me!!'..

‘Sorry but I just gotta ask!! And it's not my fault that I want my grandchild now!!'..

‘Okay that's it i can't take this anymore!!!'..I screamed and angrily walked out of the car..

‘What do you mean by that??'..They both asked in unison..

‘Mom?? Dad?? I have a confession —Jessica and i are getting divorced so all this is a sham!! All this is a sham cause she's in Monaco with her supposed boyfriend who she's been cheating with on me!!! So there you have it and...and I have a daughter!!' .

‘You what??'..

‘I have a daughter!! Yes remember that pizza girl?? Well she wasn't lying,i denied her pregnancy all just because you guys pressurized me to marry Jessica!!! She was carrying my child and her name is Mandy and she's the most smartest almost two years old child I've ever met!!! Yes I'm a Jerk.A terrible one at that cause I left them because of you guys and why is that?? Well cause I wanted to make you guys happy!!! Jesus Christ I'm in love with her! I'm in love with Jasmine the pizza girl and I've just realised that I can't be happy without the both of them!! The two days I spent with them really showed me what true love was about and what happiness really feels like!!!'..I cried out and they both gasped loudly...

‘Gabriel what are you talking about?!'..Dad asked with a shocked expression on his face..

‘I don't have much time to waste anymore I'm sorry!! I've got to tell a woman i love her!!'..



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