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🍕🍕The Pizza girl 2🍕🍕

🍕(I made a mistake..but I wanna make things right)🍕

🍕 Season 2🍕

🍕Episode 28🍕

Jasmine's POV🍕

‘He did what?!!'..Jonas yelled..

‘He left.He said he didn't want to be Mandy's father anymore'..I replied as I sat on the rocking chair outside the pizza shop..

Luckily Marilyn had everything under control so there was enough time for me to brood while Mandy slept in my new office...

‘You can't be serious Jasmine w..what did you say to him that made him leave?!'..Jonas asked again and i sighed deeply..

‘Okay so i said ‘The door is open for you whenever you come back' and that's it,he came back and took all his things leaving me a note saying that he didn't want to be Mandy's father anymore'..i said trying so hard not to cry again..

‘Yikes sorry that guy is a almost think you were beginning to be happy and now he's gone.What kind of a person is he??'...He exclaimed and I sighed again...

‘Yeah he's a jerk.Look Jonas I'm done with him.I don't want to hear any word from him or hear anything about him,my main focus is to make Mandy forget him cause she's been crying non stop for her daddy who pretty much doesn't want to have anything to do with her....i think I'm going for a quick ride and deliver the Pizzas' .

‘Ohh okay but you know you're the manager now Jasmine,you don't need to deliver pizzas'...He replied and my faded smile returned..

‘It's in the Romero blood Jonas,I'm from a family whose lives revolve around making and delivering pizzas so I think that's what I'm gonna do and besides it lets me think things through getting on that bike and becoming one with the wind'...

Gabriel's POV🍕

At Night☄️
I let down a tear as I scrolled through Mandy's happy pictures of when we were in the park..

I wonder how she's feeling now..

I wonder how Jasmine feels now..

They would really think I am a bad person.I am a bad person but what can I do??..

I have to deceive my parents to think I'm having a fruitful marriage when my wife is on a plane to Monaco with her boyfriend who happens to be my client..

*Ding dong* the doorbell rang..

I opened it and lo and behold stood mom and dad with a bright smile on their faces looking fresh and healthy too..

‘Look at my baby boy'..Mom cried out and reached out to me.I hugged her really tight grateful for the comfort of a mother while dad just stood behind us smiling too...

‘I've missed you guys'...I said smiling as I rolled their bags into the house..

‘You've got a really nice place here son and the decor is superb'..Dad commended and I nodded in reply..

‘Yeah all thanks to my favorite daughter in law Jessica—By the way where is she??'..Mom asked..




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