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🍕🍕The Pizza girl 2🍕🍕

🍕(I made a mistake...but i wanna make things right)🍕

🍕 Season 2🍕

🍕Episode 27🍕

Jasmine's POV🍕

‘Daddy!!!'..Mandy wailed effortlessly as carried her around the living room to cool her down..

‘Shhh baby,Daddy is gonna come back soon,he went to work okay??'..i whispered trying to hide the tears in my eyes..


One minute he's in my life acting like he's a redeemed man and now he's gone..

Why did he have to do this to me?!..

For a while I really thought there was something great going on between the two of us..

From the way he kissed me and i kissed him back...

From the way he tricked me into riding that terrifying roller coaster..

From the way he talked enthusiastically about how smart Mandy was for a child of her age...

From the way he cuddled me when we fell asleep on the rug even though I pretended not to know...

I thought there was something special between us but I guess i was wrong...

For crying out loud he's Gabriel Alivo..

The man who denied my pregnancy and i trusted him,i trusted him and now he broke my trust..

I guess his alleged divorce is a fib then,a fib to make me have pity on him..

Why on earth didn't I see the signs before and now he's left Mandy heartbroken..

‘Come on baby you're coming with me go work'..I murmured with tears already streaming down my cheeks...

‘I want daddy'..she whimpered and feeling the tears on my shirt I cried too...

‘Your daddy would come back'..i replied knowing fully well that it isn't true..

Jessica's POV🍕

‘What do you want?!'..I asked sharply seeing Gabriel in front of the door..

‘We need to talk Jessica'..He replied and i frowned deeply..

‘Okay then talk'...

‘Won't you at least let me in??'..he asked and I chuckled softly..

‘Why in the word would you think I'd let you in?! We're separated remember?? And before i forget this house belongs to me so I have the full right to know who to let in'..

‘Okay then,well my parents are coming.They want to see the both of us and I can't tell them we're divorced so we need to act like a couple for the two weeks they're going to be here'...He explained..

‘What?!! Your parents are coming here?! Why? How?When?!'..i asked already angry about the situation..

I can't have his parents here i hate them with everything in my blood...

They just act like they're so precious and can never be wrong in the eyes of the society...

‘So what are we going to do?? Cause I don't want your parents here,Tonio and I are leaving for Monaco tonight'..i said..

‘Jessica why are you so inconsiderate please it's just for two weeks'..he begged..

‘Sorry ex husband,you can have the house for two weeks but I'm not staying with you in it!!'..



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