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🍕🍕The Pizza girl 2🍕🍕

🍕(I made a mistake...but I wanna make things right)🍕

🍕 Season 2 🍕

🍕Episode 24🍕

Gabriel's POV cont'd🍕

The kiss was so intense between Jasmine that my hands delved deeper into her waist and I was so caught up that I didn't even notice my daughter...

‘Ewwww!!'..She said aloud and Jas and I broke instantly from the kiss..

Jasmine tucked her hair behind her ear nervously and bit her lower lip...

‘Sorry about that'..I murmured and she nodded not bothering to look me straight in the eye..

Why on earth did I even kiss her??...

What on earth is wrong with me?!!...

‘So do you want to celebrate or??'..I asked rolling my eyes...

‘Nah have you found a place to stay or??'..she rhetorically asked..

‘No i haven't'..I replied..

‘Well..well you're welcome at the house, know Mandy misses you and..and she doesn't want you to leave you can stay at the house with me until you have a place but..but it's up to you though'..She stuttered and I smiled..

‘Well I would love to but first'..


‘Let's go have some fun'...

Jasmine's POV🍕

At the park🎡🎡
‘No I'm not going'..I protested as Gabriel dragged me towards the most dreaded ride I've ever seen...

‘It's not that scary,even Mandy loves the ride!!'..He said and then someone passed holding her mouth looking like she was about to puke...

‘Really?? No Alivo i ain't going in there!! That thing is damn scary!!'..i cried out..

‘It's not scary until you try it..Mandy you want mommy to go in the ride don't you??'...He asked and Mandy nodded..

‘Mommy!!! Mommy!! Mommy!!'..They both chanted raising their hands up in the air...

I stared at the ride and gulped hard while they both continued their chanting...

It's okay i can do this...

I can do this...

‘I can't do this!! I can't ride it!!'..i finally said.

‘Okay Jasmine you'd do I if I go with you won't you??'..He asked..

‘Yeah i would'..i replied..

‘Okay then let's do this'..He muttered...

We both went to the ride,paid for the tickets and when we finally got strapped in the ride he bucked out and jumped out of the roller coaster..

‘Wh..what are you doing??'..I asked trying to unstrap myself and he chuckled softly..

‘Adios Jasmine'...





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