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 Season 4

Episode 2

(It's not my fault)

Emily referred to him that way because she wanted to show him her respect and appreciation. She said, "Thank you for letting me live here, Mr. Victor. For everything, the medical equipment, the money, the doctor. It must cost a fortune. Here's all the money on me. I know it's not enough but please accept it as a sign of my gratitude."   

Victor's head was still drooped and still wasn't speaking. As Emily walked towards him and right away, she smelled the stench of alcohol.    

'Victor's drunk?' Emily thought.   

Emily hesitated to move closer to him when Victor suddenly snapped his head up, and his eyes bloodshot as he stared at her, "Emily?"    

"Yes, it's me, Mr. Victor,"  Emily said. Emily just simply said out of concern, "You're drunk, Mr. Victor."  

Just as Emily was about to turn around to find the servant to help Victor, Victor grabbed Emily by her arm and dragged her back.

 "Ah!" Emily shrieked. Next thing she knew she was on her back at the sofa, she screamed, "Mr. Victor! Victor! What are you doing?" 

 Victor's eyes were gleaming with meaning. 

He was sobering up now but it was replaced with a look that Emily couldn't read.

 "Emily..." Victor said. "Mr. Victor..." Emily said. Emily didn't know why but she had a bad feeling about this.

 She tried to wriggle free but it didn't work. She warned him, "Stop it! Right now! Or I'm going to scream!" 

 As soon as she finished speaking, Victor had his hands wrapped around her neck.  

"It's so unfair! Why are you alive? Anne's dead! Anne! My Anne..." 

He looked like a madman as he continued to mumble Anne's name aimlessly.    

Emily didn't expect this at all. She gripped her hands on his, trying to break it off from her neck but her face was already red all over and she was finding it difficult to breathe and speak, "Stop... Stop... stop this..." she choked.   

 But Victor just tightened his grip around her neck - his bloodshot eyes gleaming with anger, he screamed, "Why didn't you die! This is all your fault! If it weren't for you, Anne would still be alive!"   

 Emily's face had turned to purple now and she couldn't breathe now. Her blue and purple lips were quivering, "..."    

"I shouldn't have listened to her. I should have let her have the surgery! Your heart should've been hers! Emily, it's you! It was you who killed Anne! You murderer!"  

Victor wasn't lying - he was telling the truth. It was true that Anne might still be alive today if she had the surgery.   

 There were tears streaming down her face now. Her mind was spinning and she couldn't breathe.    

'No! It's not my fault!' Emily screamed in her mind.    

Emily wanted so bad to answer Victor but she couldn't. She wasn't brave enough to sacrifice her life for Anne's, which she felt guilty for, and she wished Anne was still alive today. 

But that didn't mean that Victor could blame her for Anne's death.    

So is it wrong for her to still be alive?    Was she born to sacrifice herself to others?    

She was a human with flesh and soul. Nobody had the right to treat her like an inanimate object.  

Right when Emily was about to faint, Victor loosened his choke on her. The cold air that came rushing through her caused her cough so violently.   

 When Victor retracted his hand, it was so instant as if something had snapped him out of it. He apologized right away, "I'm so sorry! Sorry! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to."    

Emily gasped like a fish on land.    

"Are you okay? How are you feeling?" Victor asked. Victor reached out to try to rub her back but Emily dodged him. He clenched his fists and apologized again, "Sorry! I'm sorry!"    

He was obviously tense and apologetic and guilty. He just kept apologizing over and over again.    


He recalled Anne's body in his arms when she drew her last breath and the last words that she said to him, "Victor, continue living for me. For my sake. Or else no one's going to visit my grave and give flowers. And remember? You're going to burn paper money, paper houses, and paper cars in front of my grave so I can get them when I die. So when I'm a ghost, I'll be the richest one.  

Victor, remember to find a good girl! But I don't think you can find a prettier or smarter one than me.   

"Victor, remember... You'll love me forever and you'll live the rest of your life happily."    

She had always hoped that he would be gentle with the world, and that the world would be as gentle to him as it would be to her.    

But now he broke his promise to her. He hurt Emily and was completely manipulated by his resentment and bitterness.    

He was jealous of the fact Emily was still alive while Anne was dead.  

It was so unfair!    

Emily was lying on the sofa still panting. She was exhausted physically and emotionally and she thought to herself, 'Victor, could you stop apologizing? If you were really sorry, you would be calling the doctor right now!'    

Victor obviously still wasn't in the right frame of mind - he was feeling nostalgic, guilty, miserable, resentful, and all sorts of emotions.    

Victor talked to himself, "I just want her to be alive. That's all. I can give up everything. I just want her..." 

 Bang! Victor froze as he felt something hit his head then he fell to the ground.    When he was about to fell, someone had dragged him off to prevent him falling on Emily.  

"How are you, Miss Emily?" Sean asked as he slowly helped Emily up. Then he patted her back to comfort her, and he said, "Relax! And take a deep breath!" 

   Emily did as he was told and found it to be useful, "How could you..."    

"I saw the light was on so I decided to drop by,"  Sean said simply. Sean lived here too so he could take care of Emily in case of emergencies.    

"Mr. Victor, did he..."   

 "Don't worry about it! I'm a doctor. He will be fine. But how about you? How are you feeling now?" Sean gazed at Emily, concern filling his eyes.   

 Emily took a deep breath, shook her head, and then she answered, "I'm fine." 

   What Victor did today really freaked her out so bad that she actually thought she was going to die.  

Sean gently rubbed her back to comfort her, "Since Miss Anne died, Mr. Gao's been in a bad place emotionally and mentally. That's why he did that to you. I think it would be best if you steered clear of him for awhile."

"But he helped me... I'm so grateful for all his help. How could I avoid him? All of this is because of him," Emily reasoned out. Emily bit her lips and continued, "But he really scared me then, I thought I was going to die."

"Everything's fine now. I'm here," Sean assured her. "I would never let him hurt you," he added.

"Dr. Sean," Emily said as a thought came to her. She couldn't help but voice out her doubts, "You care about all your patients like this?"

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