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Season 4

Episode 1

(You will never see her again)

Emily dropped her guard, "Where is he? Can I see him?"    

Before Sean could answer her, a familiar voice interrupted them, "Why do you want to see me?"

"Victor..." Emily looked at the direction of the voice and saw the man who came in. He still looked as cold and emotionless as ever.  

She said, "Victor, thank you so much for saving me,"  her voice was quivering.   

 "That wasn't my plan, that wasn't my intention, you know, to save you,"  Victor looked down at her pale face, and there was a breath of distance in him. He said, "But I don't want to disappoint Anne."  

  Emily was taken aback. She quickly said, "Either way, you still saved me and I just wanted to thank you."  

"There's no need for you to thank me. That doesn't mean anything to me,"  he said coldly.    

Emily was dumbfounded at how Victor was treating her. She always felt that there was something different in Victor. Those cold eyes pierced through her and only when he mentioned Anne did it slightly soften.    

Victor's eyes fell casually on her stomach. "Jacob's? Does he know that you're here?"   

 Emily's eyes dimmed and she instinctively bit her lower lip.    

It was obvious that Victor already knew something. His lips curved into a knowing smile, "You know, you really are something."   

 Of course, a woman who could cheat on Jacob would definitely be something.  

But as to how Jacob felt, they didn't know.   

 'That's good!' Victor thought. Unhappy people like him didn't want to see other people happy too.    

"I..." Emily opened her mouth in an attempt to explain but it was like she was physically unable to speak as if something was clogging her throat.   

 "As for the doctor, just feel free to use him. I won't meddle with you." Victor paused for a moment, even just mentioning her name made him tremble in his heart, "For Anne."    

Emily couldn't help but ask, "How is Anne now? Why didn't I see her?"    

The instant she asked, she felt the air in the room freeze.    

Not knowing how long it had passed, Victor opened his mouth and spoke slowly, "... You want to see her?" 

 Emily didn't know what Victor meant, but she still said, "I want to see her..."    

"She's dead,"  Victor's voice was cold and thick but it was fragile as if any moment now it would break, "You'll never see her,"  he said solemnly.   

 "What..." Emily felt her head spinning, "How can that be,"  she choked out.    How could this be?   

 The once lively and wonderful girl... how could she just be dead?    

Anne's lovely face was still stamped on Emily's mind so she had some trouble absorbing this news.    

Victor ignored her. He just turned around and left. Nobody knew where he went.

    "Are you okay? Miss?" Sean asked in a concerned voice as he handed her a paper towel.  

"Thank you,"  Emily said as she took it. Her eyes were burning and misty.    Humans are so fragile. Any minute now, all of us could die.    

She didn't even see her before she died.    
Finally, it struck Emily why Victor seemed so strange. Because Anne had died and all the vitality and life in Victor had died along with Anne.    

As Sean looked at the horrified Emily, he pursed his lips and said, "I'll be your doctor from now on, Emily. You can believe me. you can trust me, and I won't hurt you. I'll do my best to make sure you and your baby are alive and healthy."    Emily wiped her eyes, "You really think you can help me?"    

"Yes, I can and I will,"  Sean promised.    Emily was taken aback for a while. None of the doctors she'd seen was as positive as Sean was right now.  

Even she was skeptical, "Doctor Lu, is that true? What you just said?"    

"Yes, maybe other people can't,"  Sean spoke confidently and it was so natural as if he wasn't even trying, "But I can."  

"Thank you, doctor, please make sure this baby's going to come out alive and healthy,"     

Emily, for the first time, was hopeful. She thought she was going to die last night so she was extremely grateful right now.    
She felt like she was a patient ridden with cancer whose doctors have already given up. But she was positive and hopeful and finally, here were the fruits of her patience.   

 "I'll make sure you and your child are safe, okay? Not just your child,"  Sean's voice was soft and comforting which helped calm Emily down.  

Sean sighed in his heart as he looked at Emily's hopeful eyes.    

He didn't want to disappoint Emily not just because she was his patient or because of Victor but because...    

If he let her down, he would let himself down too.   


Victor's private manor was hidden and away from civilization. It was quiet and remote and absolutely ideal for Emily.  

  Even Victor didn't live here. Only Emily, Sean, and a servant were staying here.    

Sean began to have his medical devices and equipment moved in. He was Emily's all-around doctor now. At first, Emily was kind of shy but she was reassured because Sean always had a female nurse with him.    

Emily soon started to ease in because if this was going to be what's good for her child, then she would literally do anything.  

Sean was completely honest with her - he did his best to give the best possible treatment for her and her child. While Emily's body was taking its time to recover - that was enough to please Emily.   

 Everything was going well.    

One night, it felt like someone had come inside the manor.    

Emily noticed it right away so she slipped downstairs to find a familiar figure, "Victor?"    

Nowadays, Victor rarely came to the manor. As if he was avoiding something or hiding from someone perhaps. But this was his house after all, it would be strange if he didn't come.    

As she thought back to how well everything had been going, she felt nothing but gratitude for Victor, "Victor, thank you so much. I'll be sure to find a way to pay you back."  

If it weren't for Victor, she would never have a chance. She wouldn't have been able to recover, neither will her child, and she wouldn't have found Sean who was being so good to her. And she knew very well how much this was costing Victor.

Victor had his head lowered. His face couldn't be seen because of his hair. He was sitting on the sofa wordlessly. Emily wasn't sure whether Victor was even listening or not.

Emily seemed to recall something so she went back upstairs and when she had come back, she was holding something, "Mr. Gao..."

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