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 Season 3

Episode 96

(She dare not expect anything)

Rita only knew that there was something wrong with Emily's unborn baby, but she had no idea how serious it was. Emily was almost certain that if Rita knew the truth, she would advise her to abort the baby just as Jacob did.    

Since, the risk of harm from keeping the baby was relatively high, anyone who really cared for her and wanted her to live could never allow her to risk her life for the unborn baby.    

However, since her hopes of being with Jacob and living with him had died, all she had left in the world was her own baby. So even at the face of imminent risk, Emily would make every effort to protect and deliver the baby.    Determined, Emily's resolve was stronger than ever.    

Thanks to David, Emily didn't have to wait in line. She just registered her name and then proceeded with the check-up.  

Rita's company throughout the whole check-up made Emily more uneasy, but she couldn't think of the right excuse to send her away.    

All of a sudden, Rita's phone rang. It was David.    

"Hello? Rita, Dylan has been crying the whole time. I have no idea how to comfort him..." said David, with a sense of urgency in his voice, accompanied by the crying of a baby in the background.    Rita frowned and asked, "What's the matter with him? Maybe he is hungry? Or he is not feeling well?"    

"I can't tell. I've tried giving him some food but he doesn't want to eat. I've touched his forehead and he doesn't feel feverish,"  he answered.    

"Then why don't you pacify him?" she said.  

"I just don't know how, and that's why I called to ask you,"  he replied. Needless to say, David was at a loss, and he had no idea what was wrong with Dylan or why he had been crying for so long.   

 "I am here in the hospital with Emily. Just try your best to comfort him, or else send him here to the hospital if it doesn't work,"  she suggested. Rita then hung up the phone, but she could not discard the look of worry on her face.    

Emily guessed what they were talking about, and said hurriedly, "Rita, you should go and see Dylan! He's probably crying because he misses his mother..." 

   Rita shook her head in refusal and said, "I will be worried about you the whole time if I go and leave you here by yourself."    

Emily pressed her lips together and continued to persuade her, "I'll be fine. I'm not a child, and I can do this on my own. Besides, there are so many bodyguards here. There's no need for you to worry. Just go to your son and stop worrying about my safety!"  

"Are you sure that you can really manage on your own?" she asked. Rita hesitated for a while as her eyes lit up with warmth and care.    

Emily nodded her head seriously and said, "Trust me. You just worry about your son. I am also starting to get worried about Dylan, so call me when you get there."    

"Sure, but you should be more thoughtful of your own safety, and don't forget to call me when it's over. I'll send the car over to pick you up,"  she said to Emily. Rita's motherly concern for her child eventually forced her to separate from her best friend.    

Finally, Rita left the hospital. Emily heaved a long sigh of relief and then finished the tests one by one, before waiting for the results anxiously by herself.  

"Miss Emily, to tell you the truth the condition of the baby is hardly okay, but your heath is in worse condition,"  said the doctor with thick glasses, as he carefully read through the reports. 

"Lately, you've been feeling weak; your appetite has decreased; you haven't been able to sleep well due to insomnia, and on top of that, you've been suffering from chest contractions, abdominal pain and other symptoms. Am I correct?" he added.    

Every time the doctor added one more symptom, Emily's heart sank a little more, "Yes, but doctor, I want to keep the child and deliver it successfully. What should I do?"    

"You're not physical capable of going through such pain right now. It would be better for you to abort the child,"  he answered. The doctor's expression was grave, and he spoke without the slightest exaggeration, "But if you persist on giving birth to this child, the longer you wait, the greater the damage will be to your health. Some of the damages would be irreversible."  

A bead of sweat broke out of Emily's forehead, before her lips gradually became pale, and she murmured, "I just want to save the baby. Why is it so hard..."    

Emily hardly ever asked for anything so desperately. Why was it so hard for her to realize such a small wish...    

The doctor sighed, "Miss Emily, to tell you the truth, your symptoms are really difficult to reverse, and even top experts would tell you the same thing."    

'What can I do? Who can help me...' she thought. Emily was completely helpless and drowning in despair.    

Emily should have known before, when Jacob had invited many famous experts at home for her. If those doctors could not do anything, what else could the doctors here do?  

"Miss Emily, if you change your mind and decide to abort this child, please contact me in advance. I will make proper arrangements for you. But if you still run a risk of giving birth to your child, I suggest you go to M country for treatment. Maybe the chances there will be better, even though still very slim,"  the doctor advised.    

"... Okay, I see. But could you please keep this between the two of us? I don't want my friend to worry about me over this,"  Emily insisted.    

The doctor nodded in assurance and said, "Of course. I will protect the patient's privacy. Please rest assured, Miss Emily. You must take good care of yourself. if you don't feel well, come to the hospital immediately."    

"I will. Thank you,"  she politely replied.    Emily did not even know how she came out of the hospital, surrounded by the stealthy bodyguards, who did a great job and being unnoticed.  

Dazed, Emily didn't realize that her phone was ringing in her pocket. When she came to her senses, she hurried and answered, "Hello, Rita..."    

Rita noticed Emily's hoarse voice from the other side almost instantly and she suddenly felt nervous. "Emily, are you okay?" she asked.    

"I am okay,"  Emily replied casually. Emily coughed lightly and cleared her throat. "What about you? Is Dylan all right?" she asked    

"There is nothing wrong with the little devil. He was just putting on a show of bad temper and needed scolding! What did the doctors say?" asked Rita.    

Emily answered, "Oh, it's nothing serious. Just the usual."   

 "Okay, I'll send a car to pick you up!" said Rita.  

Emily quietly took a deep breath, trying to make her tone sound as relaxed as possible and said, "I think I'd like to go for a walk. I've been missing the outside air and the scenery is fantastic."    

Rita hesitated for a while before she said, "Well, you must let the bodyguards follow you and call me if you need anything."    

"Okay, I will." Emily assured. Finally, she hung up the phone and embraced the silence. The long, tiresome day had taken its toll on her. She sat down on the ground, but she dared not to show her sadness, because she was afraid that the bodyguards would say something to Rita and David.    

As she knelt on one knee, Emily secretly tore the medical reports and put them in a small bag, before throwing them in the trash can. Afterwards, she walked aimlessly to a small park, lost in deep thoughts.  

Emily sat on the bench alone. She whipped her head around left and right to see where she was. The sunlight kissed her body, but she couldn't feel its warmth.    

There wasn't anybody else in the park. Emily succumbed to the cold, cheerless and loneliness.    

Out of the blue, a stray cat gracefully walked to Emily and rubbed its head against her skirt. "Meow, meow, meow..."    
The cat caught Emily's attention, as she lowered her eyes and looked at the little stray cat, hiding between her ankles. 

Emily's heart softened and she said, "But I don't have any food to give to you...."    "Meow, meow, meow... " The stray cat circled at her feet, refusing to leave.




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