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 Season 3

Episode 92

(Is she seeing someone else)

"You're right. I am insane!" David knew that he'd done nothing wrong but Rita always treated him like he did. "I came all the way here for you. What do you think I was going to do? Babysit?" he asked sarcastically.    

"To be clear, David, I never asked you to do any of those things. So if things didn't go out the way you planned them, that's not on me. So just go now and leave me alone,"  Rita replied looking at him apathetically.    

David knew this tone of Rita's very well. Every time she was in a bad mood, she would just tell him to leave her alone. He was so used to hearing those three words. But David wouldn't budge, he explained, "Ever since that child was born, I've done my best to get on your good side. I know it's far from enough but did you not notice or appreciate it at all?"  

Rita was holding the baby in her arms as she listened to him but she remained silent.    

David was saying that he was trying his best to do whatever he could for Rita. 

But a long time ago, the tables were flipped and it was Rita who would follow him all day long to do whatever she could for him just to make him happy. 

But look how well that turned out - David never reciprocated anything for Rita. 

 'I don't know what to think. I kind of miss him and here he is, chasing me down and saying all the right words. Maybe, we're all just slaves to our own destiny, ' Rita thought.    

"Rita, open the door! How can you do this to me? How can you do this to me?" David raised his voice, "Are you seeing someone else? Who are you hiding in the house? That's not fair to me!"  

  He gradually lowered down his voice, and Rita could hear him pacing back and forth outside. Suddenly, David sighed and said, "I won't leave you alone, never. I won't go anywhere. I'll just sit here in front of your door until you open it."  

Why on earth would she fall in love with David in the first place? He was such a child. Rita didn't know how to deal with David and how stupid he was.    

As she battled in her mind on whether or not she was going to let David in, Emily walked downstairs and asked in a hushed tone, "What's happening?"   

 Rita shook her head and replied, "Nothing. Did I wake you up?" She walked towards Emily.    

"Are you okay? I mean…you and David…" 

Emily overheard the conversation and she was aware that Rita and David were fighting and it probably had something to do with her.    

"He's like that all the time. Don't worry about it,"  Rita smiled and tried to act like she didn't care at all, but she wasn't good at that. "Are you hungry? Should l have a meal prepared for you?" She quickly changed the topic.  

Emily nodded slightly. She didn't want to bother Rita, but it looked like she really had nowhere to go at this moment.   

David, on the other hand, could hear the sounds behind the door. Someone was talking to Rita, but obviously Rita didn't want him to know. He leaned towards the door and tried to eavesdrop on the conversation. He couldn't hear the exact words but he could hear Rita being soft and sweet.    

Who the hell was this other person?   

 'Is Rita…seeing someone else? Then what about me? I mean nothing to her?'

 David started to feel anxious.    

He tried to remember all the men Rita had ever met, but he was completely in the blind.  

'This is driving me crazy. How could I not have noticed?    

Whoever behind that door is my enemy now. How dare him touch my Rita!'    

David said to himself and decided to go for his plan B.    

It was already dark when Emily and Rita finished their dinner. The sky had turned into a fuzzy glass, no sign of stars or clouds.    

Emily looked at Rita, worried. She knew that Rita was only pretending to be cool. 

"Are you sure it's okay to leave David outside the door?" Emily asked. 

 Rita was sitting on the sofa playing with her baby. "He does that all the time. He's probably gone now. Let's stop talking about him, okay? Come, auntie Emily, little Dylan's looking at you,"  Rita waved to Emily.  

Dylan was mumbling in his own language. He stared at Emily for a while, then started to chew on his hands.    

Emily found Dylan absolutely adorable. She couldn't help but reach out to pinch Dylan's pink cheeks, "He's so cute. You're so lucky, Rita."    

'Unlike me. I don't even know if I can even keep my baby, ' Emily added in her mind.    

"Oh, you won't think so after spending more than an hour with him! He's a little devil!" Rita laughed, placing little Dylan into Emily's arms, "Go and play with your Auntie Emily. And I can finally have some rest."    

Emily held little Dylan in her arms and soothed him in a swing.    

She knew that Rita loved this baby with all her heart. But Rita was Rita and she was used to pretending not to care about anything even on her own son.  

Little Dylan suddenly burst out crying. Mommy gave him to a stranger.    

He wanted his Daddy back. Daddy would always hold him in his arms the entire day!    

Rita and David didn't exactly meet eye to eye when it came to raising their child. 

David treated Dylan the way he thought was right but Rita didn't want Dylan to be spoiled. Even though Dylan was crying in front of her, she just looked at him and walked away.   

 Emily didn't know what to do because she's never taken card of a baby before and Rita didn't seem to have any plans on taking over. "Shh, good boy..." she said.    

"Is he still crying?" Rita assumed Dylan would stop but he just seemed to be getting worse. "What's your problem? 

You little devil. Are you trying to scare auntie Emily?" Rita took Dylan back in her arms and shushed him.  

But little Dylan just kept crying nonstop.  

  "Maybe you should let David in. I can go upstairs,"  Emily suggested.    

"Absolutely not! Are you crazy? I know David. He's so paranoid he'll find out in an instant,"  Rita refused outright, "He and Jacob, they're the same. I let him in and Jacob will be knocking at the door tomorrow morning. I'd bet my life on it."

    "But I can't hide here forever..." 

Although Emily knew Rita was right, she was already afraid she was causing too much trouble. If things between Rita and David worsened, she would never be able to forgive herself.    

"We'll figure this out,"  Rita assured her.    Dylan still wasn't calming down no matter what they did.    

By the end, Rita resorted to calling the nanny and leaving Dylan to her. She collapsed onto the sofa, sighing, "Having a baby is so exhausting."  

"But you'll never regret having him, I'm sure,"  Emily said as she sat beside her.    'I won't regret keeping this baby either, ' Emily thought to herself.    

"That's true…" Rita's face softened. She was lost in her own thoughts - her eyes glinting.    

A few minutes later, she stood up, walked towards the door and looked through the peep hole. The porch was empty. Rita suddenly felt her insides drop.    

"He's gone, god bless him,"  Rita told Emily lightly but the look on her face gave her away. She was disappointed.   

 Sometimes, Emily couldn't understand Rita because if she really hated David as she claimed she did, she wouldn't let David anywhere near her or her baby. But if she still had feelings for him, it didn't make any sense for her to treat him like this. Maybe Rita didn't know what she was doing, either.  

"Rita! Who are you with? My son's crying! Can't you hear that?" Both Emily and Rita were lost in their own thoughts when a voice suddenly burst in from the window.

They were shocked to see David coming in from the curtain looking angry.

What was happening? Apparently David broke in through the window.



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