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Season 3

Episode 90

(A good father)

David was reluctant but he still kept knocking at the door. He cried out, "Rita! I know you're in there! I want to see my son today! Let me in!"    

"Oh, you want to see your son, eh?" Rita's voice came from the inside. It sounded a bit muffled due to the door panel that separated them.    

David nodded several times, "Of course! I want to see my baby boy. Dylan must have missed me very much!" Dylan was name of their son.   

 Despite Rita having second thoughts, she found it hard to refuse him, "Just a second. I'm opening the door."    

David felt relieved and pleased. He stood there as he heard the click of the door.  

  The door was finally opened, revealing a bubbly baby boy who cooed and smiled at him.  

David's eyes sparkled upon the sight of his son. He smiled, his hand slowly reaching out to carry his son in his arms. 

When the baby was finally settled in his arm, the door was shut close at his face again.    

He stared at the door, raising an eyebrow, puzzled. Then he looked down at Dylan in his arms, and asked, "Dylan, can you tell me what's wrong with your mother?"    
Dylan stared at him curiously with wide eyes in silence. The baby looked displeased and turned away from him. 

He was drooling as he suckled his little chubby fingers.    

David was shocked.    

He sighed. 'First I got a cold shoulder from my wife. And now my son? God, What's going on?' he thought confusedly.  

"Rita, why do you make me suffer like this? Why do you still refuse to be with me? Even our son can't change your mind?" David complained to the wide-eyed baby mournfully. He stood outside the door, still waiting for Rita. But it seemed like hours had passed and she still hadn't opened the door.  He sighed, as if he had no choice now.  "Dylan, you're coming with daddy to his office, alright?"   

 Ever since Jacob gave him a tip regarding Rita's whereabouts, David had brought the central office of his company from Jingshi City to C City. Now finally he was in this city, he'd better do his best to get back together with Rita.   

 Eventually, Rita gave birth to Dylan. David thought that he could finally remarry Rita and take his rightful place as her husband. But expectations were different from reality. Rita remained cold towards him and refused him from entering her house.  

Out of desperation, he decided to buy a house next to hers so he could take good care of his son and wife. Everyday, he made sure that he was always available to attend their need. He was still hopeful that Rita would give him a second chance.    

No matter how long it would take him, he would keep on trying to be by her side once again.    

David was left with his nine-month old son. Ever since Dylan was born, he had spent most of his time taking good care of him. Dylan was familiar with him and wouldn't cry in his arms.    

As David walked away, Rita opened the door and peeked at his retreating figure. She felt a bit amused but remained firm with her decision.    

Then she burst into laughter. After making sure he finally had left, she closed the door and paced upstairs. She went to a guest room and knocked.  

"All right, Emily. He's finally gone. You can open the door now." As she finished her sentence, the door was finally opened by a young woman with a pale face.    

"T-Thank you, Rita..." Emily sincerely spoke.  

  "Nah, it's not a big deal,"  Rita grinned, waving off a hand as if it was nothing.

"What are friends for?" Then her eyes settled upon Emily's slightly swollen belly puzzled. She squinted at Emily's belly then look at Emily's face with the same expression. "So you are pregnant. 

Woman, what the hell happened to you?"    
Rita tried to rack her brains out on how the pregnant Emily managed to run away from Jacob.    

"It's a long story..." Emily replied sadly with tears glistening at the corners of her eyes. "I'll explain everything later. But now, I would like to ask something important. Do you know some excellent OB-Gyne?"  

Rita was curious. "Whoa. What's wrong? Well, I don't but I guess I can help you find one,"  she said.    

"Well..." Emily's face was crest-fallen as she touched her protruding belly. "I feel like there's something wrong with my child."    

"Oh my! Are you sure? Is it something serious?" Rita got concerned, touching Emily's arm.    

Her friend's concerned words warmed Emily's heart so she gave a slight smile. 

"Well, it's not something serious but I couldn't stop worrying. I want to make sure that my baby's safe and sound."   

 "No matter what the problem is, you have to see a doctor! Don't worry. I got your back. The trip must have been exhausting so just take some rest and don't think about things too much,"  Rita comforted.  

Emily spoke as a tear of joy flowed down on her cheek, "Rita... I'm so lucky to have a friend like you!"    

Rita grinned as she ruffled Emily's hair. "Silly girl. No need to get so emotional like that!"   

 "Well, I couldn't help it!" Emily gave a soft laugh.   

She saw how Rita had changed ever since she became a mother. She wasn't as wild and brash like before. There was this kind of tenderness in her face that Emily couldn't explain.    

'Can motherhood really change a woman so much?'    

After all, Emily just arrived at Rita's place. She was weak and tired. Following Rita's words, she climbed up on the large soft bed prepared for her and closed her eyes, trying to lull herself to sleep.   

 Apparently, she couldn't sleep due to so many things running inside her mind.

  She couldn't help but think of Jacob. 

The man loved her so much and gave so much both pain and joy to her. The thought of him was enough to prick her heart.    

The reason why she managed to escape from Jingshi City was because of a powerful man who helped her in secret.    This man was Master Tao.    

Emily didn't expect that he would actually help her. But there was a catch. If she ever decided to return to Jingshi City, she must come back to the Tao Family.    

Emily had thought about this request for quite some time and finally agreed with his terms.    

She admitted that she was too naive to see through Master Tao's real intentions on why he did that. But she wanted to focus all of her attention on her unborn child and their future together.  

In Mr. Tao's point of view, despite of the fact Emily was his real granddaughter, he wasn't really fond of her. She was a girl and more importantly, she didn't grow up with him. He also thought that she would be unwilling to contribute to the Tao clan.    

The reason why Master Tao helped her was that her disappearance would throw Jacob into desperation, giving Master Tao the opportunity to hit the Gu Consortium.    

Emily was still confused and couldn't understand why. Then an image of Jacob appeared in her mind, recalling his soft beautiful gaze that melted her heart.   

 He must be turning crazy right now, now that she was finally gone.  

In the end, she still abandoned him despite everything. Emily once again reminded herself that she wasn't a woman worthy for him. She couldn't repay the kindness and the love he poured out to her.    

She was reluctant to kill the unborn child because it was the only relative she had left. Her only ray of hope. Even if she did abort the pregnancy, she would still remain as a woman unfit for Jacob.  

  Jacob didn't mind keeping this child because of his intense love towards her. But she felt too guilty for staying with after finding out it wasn't his child.    

'Jacob, please let me go. Forget about me.    

I am so sorry to hurt you. I am so sorry I couldn't give you the happiness you deserve. Live a new life without me, ' she thought.    

Emily closed her eyes and tears ran from her cheeks towards her pillow. With a heavy heart, she finally fell into deep slumber.  

'I still love you, Jacob, but this is for the best.' That was the last thing she thought before she slept.    

David brought his own son to his office and the whole staff's interest were piqued. They gave confused and curious looks at him.   

 They didn't expect that their young and handsome boss actually had a child! Who was the lucky woman that had a son with him?    

It shocked them even more that David actually knew how to take care of a baby. He knew how to hold him, comfort him, and soothe him while the baby started to cry.  Just like a good father.    

The female employees expressed their disappointment. There were times they would fantasize being David's girlfriend. But now, it wouldn't be any more than just some silly fantasy.  

However, there was one woman who wouldn't give up easily. It was David's secretary. She walked in his office, with her high heels clacking and her top slightly revealed her bosom. She plucked up the courage and complimented, "Sir, the baby is so cute. Is he..."   

 Suddenly, David hugged his son and winced. He acted as if he just saw an enemy. He kept his guard up and spoke coldly, "Stay away from me."   

 He managed to catch a whiff of her perfume and raised an eyebrow. "Do you mind not to wear strong perfume next time? If my son smelled it, he might get sick,"  he complained. Furthermore, if he ever smelled like that stupid perfume, Rita would be treating him with more distrust. And he couldn't let that happen!  

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