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Season 3

Episode 88

(I hope she will disappear completely)

While Jacob normally didn't trust Jennifer, he was starting to get anxious already and he just wanted to find Emily. 

So for just this time, he was willing to trust Jennifer somehow if it meant finding Emily.   

 "East suburb of this city,"  Jacob muttered as strode out of the office.    Jennifer followed him straight away, her heels clicking as she shouted, "Wait a minute, Jacob. I'll go with you!"    

She trotted to catch up with Jacob and got into his car in time.    

The car sped off to the eastern suburbs of Jingshi City, and they didn't say a word to one another along the way.    

Although they didn't talk, Jennifer nonetheless felt happy that she was spending some time alone with Jacob. Occasionally, she would look sideways to steal a glance of that face of his that she always adored. Her heart was already beating rapidly with just the idea of them sitting so close to one another. 

 Jennifer couldn't help but wish that they would never reach their destination as she treasured every minute spent with Jacob.    

To her, Emily was nothing but a selfish and arrogant woman who regularly hurt Jacob. She was an ungrateful woman who didn't know what she had and therefore, was not good for Jacob.   

Soon, the car arrived at the eastern suburbs.    

Jacob and his men all got out and began to look for Emily in this area. Jennifer also followed them and pretended to look for Emily. A feigned concern was painted on her face.  

"Did they really see her here?"  Jacob suddenly asked coldly.    

Jennifer was dazed for a second before quickly replying, "Yes, of course. I won't lie to you. Emily was here but for all we know, she could've already left and gone somewhere else."    

Jacob's expression turned sour. He didn't press Jennifer further - he just asked his men to continue looking for Emily. 

Jennifer just followed him in silence unabashedly.    

For Jennifer, it would just be absolutely wonderful if Emily disappeared forever.    
Jennifer was so caught up in her own thoughts that she wasn't able to see where she was going that she stepped on a stone and slipped. She fell to the ground spraining her ankle. "Jacob, I think I twisted my ankle!"    

The last time she twisted her ankle, she did it on purpose to interfere with Emily and Jacob but this time, it was really an accident. Jennifer stared at Jacob expectantly as she sat on the ground. Last time, he picked her up and carried her - she was expecting him to do the same thing again.  

Jacob stopped walking and turned around, frowning as he asked, "Did you twist your ankle again?" Obviously, he still remembered what happened last time.    

Jennifer pretended to be embarrassed and said helplessly, "I'm sorry. I should've been more careful. Can you help me? Just help me up."    

Jacob didn't respond to her, and he didn't even walk towards her. He just grabbed one of his men and ordered him to help Jennifer up.    

"Yes, sir,"  the follower replied, and he made his way towards Jennifer.   

Jennifer was surprised to see Jacob so apathetic. She felt herself sinking as she watched him walk away. She was helped up but she felt so upset. "Jacob..."  

Jennifer still couldn't get it that at that moment, Jacob was just focused on finding Emily. He didn't have the energy to worry about anything or anyone else and that included Jennifer.    

He even saw Jennifer as a burden.    

Jacob's phone rang and he quickly answered it. It was Sam sounding excited.   

 "Mr. Jacob, I found Miss Emily's withdrawal records from an ATM in A City. I've sent our men to find more information..." Sam said.  

  "Okay, I'm on my way!" Jacob said earnestly.    

He hung up, frowning.    

Emily left with nothing but her ATM card this time. Now that they found her withdrawal records in A City, she was just probably there or around the area.  

Sam was one of the most capable men Jacob knew and that was why he was Jacob's right hand. Sam's information was definitely more reliable than Jennifer's. So as soon as Jacob hung up, he went straight for his car.    

Jennifer didn't expect Jacob to turn around all of a sudden. She was beaming because she thought he was going to help her. "Jacob..."    

But to her surprise, Jacob just walked past her without even so much as casting a glance at her.    

"Jacob, where are you going?" Jennifer was stunned. She tried to catch up with him even if she was limping with her sprained ankle.   

 Jacob looked at her and said, "I'm going to A City. I just got information on where Emily might be."  

Jennifer looked down in shame and apologized, "Sorry, I wasn't able to help you find Emily. But Jacob, trust me. I wasn't lying to you."    

"Okay,"  Jacob said simply. He didn't have the energy to deal with her right now, so he simply said, "I'll ask someone to send you back."    

"Can I go with you?" Jennifer asked.    

"No, you'll just be a burden,"  Jacob said flatly, "Jennifer, just go home."    

Jennifer blushed in embarrassment. "I'm sorry. I promise I won't bother you anymore. I'm just as worried as you are about Emily..." she said sincerely.   

 But she really didn't feel that way. She was only sorry that she couldn't spend more time with Jacob alone.    

"Send her back,"  Jacob said to his follower, who took her arm and helped her walk towards the car.  

Jennifer shook her head and refused, "I don't want to go back..."    

This annoyed Jacob because Jennifer was being so difficult and she was just a hindrance to everything. She was too oblivious to get a hint that Jacob didn't want her anymore. "If you don't want one of my men to drive you back, you can go and find a ride yourself,"  he said impatiently. Then he turned towards his men and said, "Let's go."    

Jennifer finally realized that Jacob really did just want to leave her alone here. 

"You can't do that! No one's gonna come! I won't be able to find a ride! Jacob, you can't leave me here!" she yelled.   

 "You're wrong, Miss Jiang. I can most definitely do what I want." Jacob glared at her and continued, "Why don't you call Mr. Gu? After all, he does treat you like his own daughter, right?"    

Jennifer met his gaze, her insides boiling. Was Jacob doubting her?  

She looked up in attempt to explain but Jacob had already walked away.    

"Miss Jiang, shall I drive you home?" The follower stayed and asked.    

Jennifer suddenly started to feel better. This only meant that Jacob still cared about her, otherwise, why would he let his men drive her home?    

"Yes, thank you,"  Jennifer replied, as an arrogant smile played on her lips.   

 The follower didn't even look at her. He lowered his head and said respectfully, "You are welcome, Miss Jiang."   


Meanwhile, Jacob drove to A City without stopping. On the way, he got a call from Sam.   

 "Mr. Jacob, you haven't rested in days and it's still a long way to A City. Please let someone else drive for you. I believe Miss Emily won't like it when she sees you get sick..." Sam advised.  

"If she really cared about me, why would she run away in the first place?" Jacob said furiously. Suddenly, he lost his temper and just started cursing. 

Eventually though, he listened to Sam's advice and just let someone else drive the car. He also agreed to sit in the back seat to have some proper rest before they reached A City.    

Jacob pressed his fingers to this throbbing temples. He was frowning in worry as he murmured, "Emily, it's safer for you to stay in A City. Just wait for me to take you back..."    

After a few hours, the car finally arrived in A City. Sam, who arrived at around the same time, soon joined Jacob. They went together to the bank and to check the surveillance video.    

The surveillance video showed a middle-aged man withdrawing one hundred thousand dollars from the ATM machine and leaving right away, and the video didn't show Emily.  

Sam was somewhat shocked because a stranger had Emily's card and used it to withdraw her money. What did this entire thing mean?


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