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Season 3

Episode 87

(Tell me what you know)

The next day    

It was almost afternoon when Jacob finally woke up. Much to his disappointment, when Jacob opened his eyes, he found that Emily was not in bed.    

Immediately, the beating of his heart surged up. Jacob jumped out of bed at once and called out her name, "Emily? Emily?"    

But there was no answer. There was only absolute stillness. Not a sound could be heard either close at hand or in the far off distance. After Jacob looked around every nook and cranny, he did not find Emily, but instead his eyes lay upon a note she had left on the table.    

In a row of handsome fonts, it read: Sorry, but I can't stay. You do not have to look for me. Goodbye, Jacob!  

A presentiment of unease enveloped Jacob. He thought something bad must have happened. He scrambled to look for his phone, only to find that it had been turned off. When he finally turned it back on, he was showered with countless missed call notifications popping up on the screen.    

Jacob ignored all the calls and hastily called Sam's number. "Check all outbound flights for today. Buses, ships, and all the vehicles that are leaving the city. Do it now!" Jacob ordered.    

Sam, however, was startled by Jacob's rambling at fist. After a few seconds of processing all the information that Jacob had poured on him, Sam asked, "Sir, what's wrong? what happened..."  

  Jacob's breath came in short gasps as he tried to calm down. He somehow managed to squeeze out a few words from mouth, "Emily is gone."  

Technically, she ran away from him.    Jacob's answer froze Sam's nerves for a second, then he answered, "Yes, Mr. Jacob! I'll get on it now"    

The moment Jacob hung up the phone, his anger started to fade away. Instead, what appeared on his face was the expression of a man utterly disappointed and disheartened.    

'That explains so much. She already had her own plans.    

That's why she suddenly showed her indifference to the baby and even agreed to abort it. She cares about the baby so much. I should have know something was definitely wrong. No wonder she was so needy and docile for all these days. And last night, she seemed more kind and loving. Turns out she has been planning on this the whole time, ' Jacob concluded in his mind.    

Emily must have put something in the meal last night to induce Jacob to sleep so deeply that he didn't even notice her leaving in the middle of the night.  

None of the servants and bodyguards in the house noticed Emily leave last night, but she wouldn't have been able to pull off something like that on her own. She must have been helped by someone!    

Jacob then called Emily's phone, but there was no answer. For some reason, Jacob was not surprised by this. He quickly put on whatever clothes he could find in front of him and grabbed his keys before walking out of the door.    

Jacob had to bring her back!    

Needless to say, Mr. Gu had already learned about this after Jacob had put out a city wide search for Emily. However, Mr. Gu decided against meddling with Jacob's affairs.   

 In the meantime, Jennifer received a call from a man.  

"Miss Jiang, I have completed the task, just as you've asked. And what about..." said the man.   

Although he didn't finish his words, his point was clear and self-evident.    

Jennifer, with a hint of intolerance flashed in her eyes, answered, "I will transfer the money into your account. Remember, keep your mouth shut."    

"Yes, yes, of course I know,"  he answered, fawningly. The man's tone had so much adulation, he could not hide the greed salivating from his mouth. "Just give me a call if there is anything else you need me to do in the future. I'm at your beck and call,"  he added.    

After Jennifer got off the phone, she turned the phone in her hand and simpered, looking pleased with herself.  

  'Good job, Emily. You didn't even need me to tell you to leave Jacob. You left him on your own, ' mused Jennifer. 

Jennifer didn't mind helping this silly and naive girl to experience first-hand just how sinister the outside world was.  

However, what Jennifer did not expect was that the child in Emily's womb was actually Jacob's.    

Jennifer did not know what on earth had happened, but she didn't care about the details at all. The only thing she wanted was for Emily to suffer. Fortunately for her, she managed to bribe the doctor, the man who was on the phone with her just now, in advance. In any case, this child was destined to be a bastard.    

Jennifer squinted her eyes, immersed in deep thought. A moment later, she called another number. "About the doctor who was responsible for the Jacob's DNA test, I want him to keep his mouth shut forever,"  she said to the person on the other end of the call.    

Only the dead could keep a secret, which Jennifer believed without a shadow of a doubt.  


A few days had passed and Jacob still didn't have any clue as to where Emily was. He had searched every possible place in Jingshi city, and tried almost everything except for digging into the ground.    

It seemed as if Emily had disappeared off the face of the world, leaving behind no trace at all.    

"Crap! You are all idiots!" screamed Jacob. Jacob slammed his fist down onto the table in pure rage. Red in the eyes, his face contorted with venomous outburst. The past few days of sleepless nights had taken its toll on him. He was on the edge of having a nervous breakdown.    

A group of his subordinates stood in line with their eyes to the floor. Frightened, they did not even dare to let a gasp escape their mouths.    

"Keep looking! Look everywhere again!" ordered Jacob.  

"Yes, sir!"    

Once his subordinates had left the room, the anger in Jacob's face was immediately replace with a look of childlike confusion. He mumbled blankly, "Emily, where the hell are you ..."    

Emily was still pregnant and her health was in such a weak state. Where could she have gone?    

Jacob had made many enemies over the years, and some of them even wanted to kill him. Would they get back at him by kidnapping Emily? Did she really know how dangerous the world could be for someone like her? 'If and when I get you back, Emily, I will have to teach you a serious lesson!' thought Jacob.    

'It doesn't matter...    

As long as you come back, I can forgive anything. Please, please just come back to me, Emily. I want you to be safe, ' Jacob changed his mind after some thought.  

The nausea swirled unrestrained in Jacob's empty stomach, as he thought of all the dangerous situations Emily could be in. His heart felt as if his blood had become tar as it struggled to keep a steady beat. A deep melancholy mood hung over Jacob like a black cloud, raining his personal sorrow down on him wherever he went.    

Jacob had to find Emily as soon as possible. Every second wasted was increasing the chances of Emily falling into some kind of danger!    

"Rat-a-tat" There was a sudden knock on Jacob's office door. It was Jennifer. She pushed the door open slightly and asked, "Jacob, may I come in?"    In an instant, Jacob changed his face into his usual indifferent look and answered, "Come in."  

Jennifer pushed the door open and walked in. She studied Jacob's disposition as she approached him.    

Jacob's flawless face was now haggard with exhaustion, and she sensed that his energy stores were almost depleted. His eye-brows were creased tightly and his temperament was still fierce. Jacob retained an aura of intimidation around him that warned everyone not to get too close to him, unless they wanted to be met with his ravenous fury.    

"I've heard about what happened to Miss Bai. When was the last time you had slept properly? I'm afraid that you'll have a mental breakdown before you even find Emily,"  she said. It would be a lie if Jennifer had said that she was not worried about Jacob's dwindling physical and mental condition, but she could only care about him as a friend.    

Jacob rubbed the part between his eye-brows and closed his eyes to cover the anxiety. "If you've come over here just to say these words, then you can go,"  he said.  

Jennifer bit her lips and replied, "I thought you would need my help. After all, two hands are better than one. Don't you think so?"    

However, there was no change in Jacob's facial expression. Jennifer couldn't tell whether he had heard what she had said or not.    

Jennifer looked at his handsome, rugged face and said, "What if I told you that I know where to find Miss Bai?" 

Suddenly, Jacob's face lit up with a glimmer of hope, taking away all the gloom and misery. "What did you just say?" he asked.    

"But first, you need to get some sleep and give your body some rest..." said Jennifer. She deliberately softened her voice and continued, "I promise I'll tell you, okay?"  

Jacob turned around to look her straight in the eye. "Jennifer, don't play tricks with me,"  he said.    

"I just want you to take care of yourself!" asserted Jennifer.    

"Tell me what you know!" screamed Jacob.    

"If you keep this up, you will get sick very soon! How are we going to find Miss Bai then? Can you at least try and be a little more sensible and rational?" asked Jennifer.    

"This is the last time I'm going to say this. Tell me what you know, now!" insisted Jacob.    

There was a darkness in his eyes that seemed like it could devour all the light from the world. The depths of his eyes were like a dark and endless black hole, so intense that no matter or human could escape. With those coal-black eyes, Jacob drilled into Jennifer's head, forcing her to confess.  

Intimidated, Jennifer felt a little breathless. After a few seconds, she couldn't bear Jacob's glare anymore and answered, "My people saw Miss Bai yesterday, but they did not approach her. She was in the east suburb."

As was expected, everything Jennifer said was fabricated. Moreover, even if she knew where to find Emily, she would never tell Jacob the truth.



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