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Season 3

Episode 86

(What does it mean)

The following day, Emily's unborn baby underwent a parental test. The hospital made it confidential.    

It took a long time to get the results. The tension in the room was so thick that one can cut it with a spoon.    

Emily and Jacob sat at bench in the hospital courtyard. Both of them were nervous and were anticipating the results. They held each other's hand as their hearts thumped in suspense.    

Jacob noticed that her hand went icy. He let go of her hand to wrap an arm around her shoulder, "It's going to take a while. Is it okay with you if I take you back home so you can have some rest?"   

 Emily shook her head, "No need. I'll be waiting for the results to come out. This is very important to me and to us, Jacob."  

Jacob was still trying to convince her that no matter what the results would be, nothing could change his mind. He couldn't find the right words to say at the woman in front of him except, "Very well then. I'll wait with you."    

He felt suddenly lost. Was it right of him to make that promise to Emily?    

No matter what the result would be, she was firm in keeping the baby. He felt guilty and his mind flashed back at the times Emily begged not to abort her baby.    

After what seemed to feel like an eternity, the laboratory finally opened.    The doctor with the mask took out a file and handed it to the couple. "Mr. Gu, Ms. Bai, here is the result of the test."   

 The said document was already in front of Emily but she didn't take it.    

Jacob decided to help himself and took the folder from the doctor. He gave a quick scan and nobody could tell what he was thinking.  

As for Emily, she felt more tense as she watched Jacob. Every movement of his eyes as he scanned the document made her clasp her hands together like a prayer. "W-Well?" she asked.    

He looked up from the file, closed it, and turned to her with a gentle smile, "Good news, Emily. It's mine."    

Emily took out a sigh of relief but there was still this shadow of doubt in her chest. She had a hunch that there was still that small possibility that it wasn't Jacob's. "Can I have a look?"    

Then she stretched out her arm to reach for the folder.    

Jacob hid his hands from hers so she would be unable to get it. He let out a chuckle, "There's nothing to see, honey. The data is complicated and all we needed are the results, right?"   

 Emily started to feel suspicious towards him. "Then why won't you let me see it?" 

 Jacob kept convincing her as he kept moving the folder away from her, "There's nothing to see, really."    

Suddenly, he was stunned when a pair of lips were crushed against his. Emily took the file from him, broke the kiss, and gave a sly smile.    

"Are you sure it's something I can't see or it's something I am not allowed to see?" She quickly flipped the pages until she reached the results. When she saw it, her eyes went wide like saucers. Her hands started to tremble.    

Jacob tried to grab the file away from Emily but it was too late.    

Emily read the words clearly written in print: "The paternal relationship between the two parties does not exist."    

'So that means...    

The baby... Jacob isn't the father!?'  

She felt her whole world crashing. Her last glimmer of hope was shattered. She had truly betrayed Jacob even though it was against her will. She didn't notice the tears that flowed out of her eyes.    

Jacob tried to comfort her, "Emily, maybe there was an error in the report..."    

"How can you explain that there's an error!?" Emily barked at him, clenching her hands into fists.    

The doctor kept a neutral expression as he watched the couple. But he couldn't deny there was a hint of guilt in his system.    

Emily kept convincing herself that she was prepared for the outcome but she didn't expect that it would be so difficult. It was like a hard pill to swallow.    

She closed her eyes, wiping away her tears then took a deep breath, "Just schedule a date for the surgery, please?"  

Jacob felt how hard it was for her so he took her in for a tight hug. "If that's what you want then fine."    

The surgery was scheduled four days after.    

When they got home, Emily didn't say anything but she was clingy to Jacob. As if she would die if she got separated from him. Jacob thought that she was nervous for the upcoming surgery. He even brought her back to the Tyrone Mansion to distract her.    

Days had passed    and at the evening before the operation, Emily managed to trick Jacob out of the house. Then she prepared a special dinner for them. 

There was steak, wine, and burning candlelight for the final touch.   

She looked proudly at her work. It was just perfect to catch his attention.    

Then she decided to gussy herself. She fixed her hair and wore her a white, off-shoulder dress. When Jacob finally came home, he gasped at the scene before his eyes.  

Emily sat quietly at the dinner table as a dim warm light covered her. She looked angelic, as if nothing seemed to bother her at all.    

She lifted her face up to greet him with a gentle smile, "Welcome home."    

Jacob's heart fluttered but got puzzled, "Why did you have to cook? You don't like the way the cook prepares the food here?"    

Emily shook her head as she chuckled, "No, you have guessed wrong. This is sort of a goodbye dinner I whipped up."   

 Jacob's face suddenly crumpled so she made it clear for him, "It's my goodbye dinner for the baby." Finally his expression softened, but he felt a bit melancholic.   

 "In the end, despite everything, I am still unfit to be a mother. I failed to protect this child. All I can do is to give a wonderful farewell dinner for the baby."

 Emily didn't look at Jacob. Her eyes only watched the tiny flame dancing on the candlestick. There were no tears, no hints of anger and sadness. It was only pure maternal tenderness.  

"You are a good mother to your unborn child, after all,"  he comforted her. He felt even sadder on how calm she was.    

Then her lips curved up into a smile and clapped her hands together, "Oh well! Dinner time!"    

Jacob had caught on the thought why Emily considered this as her farewell dinner for the baby. Whatever she ate, it was also what the baby ate.    

Jacob offered to cut the steak into small piece for Emily and finally took a bite after she took her first bite.    

The dinner's atmosphere felt heavy on them. The food was already tasting dull because neither of them was in the mood for dinner. But for their sake, they had to pretend to be fine.  

After dinner, they decided to go back to their room and have a relaxing time together. 

Suddenly, Jacob was surprised on how Emily was being aggressive. She went ahead and pulled down his neck for a kiss. 

 Jacob turned his face on the other side to stop the kiss. He couldn't help asking her why she was acting so strange. 

"Emily, what's the matter with you?"

Something was definitely wrong but he couldn't pinpoint where it was. Emily looked down, her eyes half-lidded sadly, "I feel sad right now, Jacob. Could you please give me a hug?"

 "Alright." Jacob took her into his arms, lightly caressing her back to comfort her. 

"Shh.. don't think about it. Everything is going to be okay." He decided not to mention the baby unless she came up with it first. Emily looked up in his eyes and firmly demanded, "Jacob, kiss me."

  Jacob was surprised at her but he decided to go with the flow. No matter how hard he tried to resist, she would always find a way to lure him in. "Emily..." he whispered, as he put a hand on her cheek, his thumb caressing her lower lip.    

Finally, he captured her slightly-parted lips with his. His tongue slithered in, asking for her permission. Emily parted her lips, letting his tongue probe into her mouth. Their tongues finally danced together in her mouth, with Jacob dominating her.    

They broke the kiss for a while, trying to catch their breath. With lust and passion in their eyes, they quickly got themselves out of their clothes. Jacob pinned down Emily onto the bed and continued kissing her torridly.  

Moonlight dimly shone by their window as moans of pleasure filled the room.   

And tonight was going to be a long, special one.  


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