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Season 3

Episode 82

(Why deceive ourselves)

The group of journalists definitely didn't see this coming. They were all shocked by the series of unexpected turns in from of them.    

'What's going on? Oh, No! The headline for tomorrow's was ready:    

THE CEO OF GU CONSORTIUM WAS REJECTED AFTER HE PROPOSED. Oh man, it was brilliant! And now? You told me your refusal was just kidding?' the journalists thought disappointedly.    

But still, like a group of hungry hyenas surrounding their prey, they kept taking photos of Jacob and Emily who were trying to make it through that bunch of animals.    

Meanwhile, Jacob's whole proposal was uploaded online. The entire speech was accompanied by real-time comments from viewers that almost covered the whole screen.  

"Holy shit! She refused? Fucking unbelievable! Emily is crazy! What the fuck? What? Emily, you dumbass, fuck you! Jacob, I would never ever refuse you!"    

"Poor Jacob, did you see his face when Emily said no? But fortunately, the two love birds will get married. Jacob worked hard to clean up all the shit they had gone through. He slapped those rumor-makers on the face, Ahahah... Way to go, Jacob! You are a real man!" another one flew across the screen.    

"He shouldn't have proposed to that crazy woman! Fuck off this Emily! This man belongs to me!" again another one flew by.    


After Jacob cleared everything up and proposed to Emily at the press conference, it was self-evident that the rumors were false. Even some haters that insulted Emily before showed their respect and apologized for what they have said before.  

Among the public watching this scene on the screen, there was also Jennifer.    Her sight was fixed on their faces. 

Jealousy was firing in her eyes. Her hands were clenched so tight that her fingernails cut through the flesh of her palms.    

She was the one that started that rumors. But now? All her efforts were useless.    

Jennifer had accounted for the possibility that Jacob would hold this press conference to clear up the situation. But she was hoping that keeping reminding Jacob that Emily cheated on him would eventually change his mind.    

Jacob was not the kind of man who would forgive a thing like that. Emily's betrayal came handy to Jennifer and she tried to use this to cast as much shit as she could on her rival. She carried out her malicious plan step by step. Emily became famous among the haters as the 'stupid bitch' and Jacob became the pathetic man that everyone felt sorry for.  

No real men would forgive something like that, especially what it was publicly known.    

But Jacob not only forgave Emily for having an affair with another man but also lied for her and asked her to become his wife!    

And all this happened during a press conference in front of everybody! 

Jennifer did not oversee that possibility and she was struck when she saw Jacob proposing.    

But most importantly, how could he want to marry that whore?    

"Bang!" Jennifer slapped on the transparent glass coffee table with an indescribable rage.  

She was ready to do whatever it took to prevent this marriage.    


The shocking news of the proposal soon spread around all the city, so it was impossible for Mr. Gu not to hear about it. Surprisingly, he was not angry at all. 

But actually, he didn't seem very happy as well. He was rather distant and careless. He asked the butler standing by him, "What do you think?"    

Arthur, the butler, respectfully answered, "Miss Jennifer had lost her patience."    Mr. Gu smiled, but nobody could tell what he was thinking from this smile. Mr. Gu continued, "That's all right. Jacob needs a lesson."    

Arthur paused and answered, "You are very generous, Mr. Gu."  

"I know." Mr. Gu said nothing for a while, then he talked again, "I should have overseen this when I adopted him."    

"It was very kind of you, Mr. Gu,"  said Arthur.    

"Arthur, you are not paid to keep pleasing me with all your bullshits,"  Mr. Gu ordered in a bossy tone.    

"Yes, Mr. Gu,"  answered Arthur, "I am sorry."    

Mr. Gu slowly sipped his tea, his face appeared to be exhausted and thoughtful, "Send some more men to Jack, or this loser will be dead soon."   

 "Yes, Mr. Gu,"  then Arthur turned around and walked past the door.    

No matter what a loser Jack was, he was a child of the Gu Family. It was enough for Mr. Gu to keep Jack alive. This was the only important thing, independently of what miserable life he was living.  


After the conference with the journalists, Jacob took Emily away. With this publicly said, Jacob had put a definitive end to all this story.    

Jacob and Emily sat in the car and stood in an awkward silence. After some minutes Jacob broke the ice.    

"Emily, don't you want to marry me?" said Jacob, in a helpless and a bit upset tone.    

He had no idea how to talk with Emily anymore.    

Emily looked at the bouquet of roses that she was holding in her arms. She talked with a trembling voice, "I'm sorry. I..."    

"Do you have anything else to say except that you are sorry?" asked Jacob.  

"Sorry! I..."    

"It's enough Emily." Jacob took a deep breath. He was already hurt from what just happened during the conference and he didn't want to be disappointed twice, "I don't want to hear your answer anymore."    

Emily went red in the face and her eyes become misty. She was muttering with tears falling off on her face, "It's...It's my fault. I...I don't deserve you. How could we get really over what had happened? 

Why deceive ourselves? You won't be happy if you will marry me. Why do you insist..."    

"No! You're wrong! You are the only beautiful thing that ever happened in my life! I would get over anything for you... 
It's only you like it has always been,"  the deep voice of Jacob echoed inside Emily's mind.   

She had no idea of what to say. 'It is me. I am the one who can't get over it, ' thought Emily.  

He loved her more than his own life, so he would always try to forgive her no matter what happened. She also loved him, but she felt too responsible for having made him suffer. She couldn't forgive herself.    

She knew that if she could just pretend that nothing haD happened between them, she would finally feel free. Only in this case she would marry him. But how to do so?    

She wasn't worth of Jacob. Then rather than making him suffer again, she would prefer to prevent herself from the biggest joy of her life. 'Eventually, he will forget me. He will find someone else and will live the rest of his life happily.'    

"Give yourself some time, Emily. Do not answer me now. Please, just think about it and what we could be,"  Jacob cut in shortly. Jacob tried to make it simple and short. Actually, he had something else to say, but he thought that it was best for both of them if he would just stay shut.  

Emily did not know what to say. Her heart was reducing its pulse, and her lungs were filling with air. She was almost drowning.    

'What should I do? What is the right thing to do?' Emily thought.    

From that day onwards, their relation was not the same anymore. Even if from the outside, one would not notice anything particularly strange. But Jacob became more thoughtful whilst Emily was more taciturn.    

The atmosphere surrounding the whole Tyrone Mansion was very distressed. All the joy of the previous months was sucked away and the house was left into desolation.    

As time flew by, Emily's belly was growing quite big. Soon she had to go to the hospital to do the prenatal checks for the baby.  

Jacob canceled all his appointments that day to accompany Emily at the hospital. When the analyses were done Emily started getting ready to leave the hospital. But then the doctor came in and took Jacob aside to speak with him alone into his office, leaving Emily behind. When Jacob was called in he imagined the worst.    

So, he ordered his bodyguards to stay with Emily, "Don't worry. The doctor probably wants to tell me how to look after you. Just stay here and wait for me."    

Emily smiled and nodded with her head. Then Jacob turned around and entered the doctor's office.    

Emily followed Jacob disappearing through the door with her gaze. Then a thought flashed in her mind, 'Why the doctor would see Jacob alone? Is there something they don't want to tell me? Is... something wrong with my baby?'  

  Emily trembled at this idea, so she woke up and sneaked through the hall to the office. Then she put the ear against the door and listened carefully.  

Unfortunately, she heard each and every word.

"Mr. Jacob, we went through a more careful examination of Miss Emily this time. I am sorry to tell you that we found that something is wrong. The antibodies of the fetus inside her body are attacking her immune system. Her body becomes much weaker than the previous time, and it is going to get worse. I am very afraid that if we do not interrupt the pregnancy soon she will die shortly. Thus, I need your consent to execute the abortion."



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